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Helpful tips on hiring a band & other corporate entertainment in Utah

Macklemore Haircut Taking Over

macklemore haircut

Unless you have been living in the most desolate of places it could not have escaped your observation that rap artists Macklemore has been getting more than a little attention.  However, its not just Macklemores music that is gaining popularity, his hair is also causing quite the revolution of its own.  So what exactly is this haircut called anyway?  Most people just call it t…

Unique Event Entertainers

Having entertainment at your event can take it to a whole other level of unforgettable and fun.  Having fantastical entertainment, now that will really set it apart.  Have you ever wanted to see a mermaid?  What about ninjas or fire-breathers?  If you have a special event that really needs to pop, you should look into the many options of alternative entertainment.

Some uniqu…

Event Music Myths

Music Myths

#1: Bad band breaks
A concern that afflicts many planners is that a band may take too many or too long of breaks.  However, bands will generally play about an hour before taking a very short 10-15 minute break.  Most dancers, after rocking out so hard, are also ready to grab a drink or momentary seat.  The band will be back on stage before you know it and even when they aren’t playing they…

Choosing a Wedding Entrance Song

Best songs for the grand entrance

Everything about planning a wedding is exciting and a little chaotic.  But one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding is picking the music that will be involved in the greatest night of your life.  When picking your playlists you can get the latest’s trends and blend them in with some more nostalgic songs creating the perfect combination of YOU.

As you’re planning your wedding…

String Love & ULB on KUTV “Fresh Living”

String Love

Utah Live Bands has recently teamed up with the state’s premiere string ensemble, String Love to provide the state with high-class, recognizable music from all the decades.  Most string quartets will perform classical music, but String Love provides more options for people who don’t just want Pachebel’s Canon or a Bach concerto; they play the Beatles & Muse; Al Green & the White Stripes…

Custom Music Bands – Build a Band for an Event

custom performances

Utah Live Bands has been creating customized acts for corporate events and weddings for years.  Will it work for you?
 Build – a – Band

There are some incredible party and wedding bands in the state of Utah, but they all have one weakness: they are limited by their specialties and instrumentation.  You can’t always hire a small jazz combo and have them sound like a rock band.  You may want a…

Top 10 Songs of 2013

most popular songs of 2013

The top 10 songs of 2013 are…a little subjective.  So the following lists are composed from the opinions of MTV, VH1, and iTunes.  The songs chosen were picked based on their music video popularity, radio play, & song sales.  So without any adeu, here are the most popular songs of 2013:


MTV #1 on the Billboard Hot 100


10. “I Knew You…

Disaster Relief Jam Session

Brad on drums

Thanks to all of the generous musicians and music lovers who came to our Typhoon Relief Jam Session.  We were able to raise hundreds of dollars for the victims of the recent typhoon in the Phillipines.  The Red Cross also expressed their gratitude; you all inspire us!

It was also a blast to see all of the talented musicians playing.  Here are some highlights:

Photos Courtesy of…

Look What’s New at Utah Live Bands!

Interesting corporate entertainment




Why is our newest band called Amplifly? Because its professional vocalists and dancers fly through the air while the are performing! This band will astound your audiences.

Just like all of our other cover bands, Amplifly has world class vocalists, top 40 hits, an incredible light show, and offers an unforgettable experience for your audience! Unlik…

Band Name Etymologies


Do you ever wonder how some bands come up with their band name? Here’s a few explanations:

ABBA-created with the first letter of each of the band members’ names (Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, and Anni), and put into a palindrome

AC/DC- this acronym was seen by two band members on an electric sewing machine

Anberlin-the lead singer says he wanted to name his first daughter Anberlin; he got this…

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