Vendor Spotlight – Magleby’s Catering

This week we’re working an event with one of Utah’s largest and most experienced caterers.  But for them it’s not just about size, it’s about family and about Utah.  For 40 years their family has worked hard to offer the finest local, fresh, homemade meals possible.  We hope you enjoy our vendor spotlight this week with Magleby’s Catering.  

Adam: Thanks for joining me here today Mary.  We’ve got this event that you guys are catering, Mike’s wedding actually, very exciting!  I wanted to ask you, Magleby’s is known for being client focused and client centered.  Can you tell me a little bit about their approach to focusing on clients?

Mary: Yes I can.  First of all Adam thank you so much for having us!

Adam: Of course!

Mary: We’re so privileged and honored that you’re spotlighting us. We appreciate it, we love working with Utah Live Bands.  And then about relationships: yes, our clients and all of our relationships with even vendors in the industry are what’s most important to us.  When we take on a client we’re taking on family and all of those little details matter to us just like it would for family.

Adam: Of course, absolutely.  I love that you bring up family because Magleby’s is a family owned business, it’s multi-generational, based here in Utah.  Can you tell me a little bit about that history?

Mary: I can.  So 1979 David Parkinson, also known as “Doc”

Adam: Doc Parkinson.

Mary: Yes, he was a dentist before he decided to go into the food industry.  And so because of his passion he started the restaurant and Magleby’s has just grown into catering and we cater all through Utah now.

Adam: Yeah, and “grown” is an understatement.  I swear, you guys are on half the events that we do, we see you all over Utah and it’s always a pleasure working with you.  So we’re really glad to get a chance to talk a little bit today, thank you for that.

Mary: Thank you.

Adam: And thanks for joining us for our vendor spotlight of the week.

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