Vendor Spotlight – Cuisine Unlimited

Today we’re visiting a company that has been growing and improving for 41 years.  They’ve expanded from a small catering business to a true, full-service event provider for the Utah community, with more than 140 employees.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Cuisine Unlimited.


Adam: Thanks for joining me here today Maxine, it’s great to get to know you.

Maxine: Oh Adam it’s so nice that you’re here, thank you so much for joining us!

Adam: Well this is an impressive event, though I’m not surprised because you guys have a wealth of experience in your 41 years.  Can you tell me some about your experience?

Maxine: Oh of course!  Close to my heart are the 7 Olympic Games that we have been involved in, but here in our community this is home for us. This is where the heart is, and we work really hard to bring great events to our community.  

Adam: That’s great, and you’ve got everything under one roof: you can do linens, you can do place settings, but you’ve also adapted and pivoted into some new things thanks to the pandemic.  Can you tell us some about that?

Maxine: Oh listen, the pandemic, in 41 years there’s a lot of experience there but the pandemic by far has been the most challenging.  

Adam: For sure.

Maxine: I never dreamed that we would be doing drive-in movies, but we had a great time up at the Utah Olympic Park doing so.  What’s really exciting about today is that this is the first and largest event that we have done in 18 months.  And I have to tell you, the energy in the room is electrifying.  Our staff is amazing, we have young people here representing Pro Start Utah, which is a training for high school students.  And I have to tell you, to have them all here and really caring about what they’re doing is really a wonderful experience to be here today.

Adam: You know, everybody here has a smile on their face, they’re all working hard, and I wouldn’t have known that from any other event that we’ve done with you.  You guys are always professional and absolutely a pleasure to work with.  So we’re happy that we got to be here today, thanks for having us.

Maxine: Totally a pleasure, thank you.

Adam: Absolutely.  And thanks for joining us for our vendor spotlight of the week.

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