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Our vendor spotlight today is decidedly not your grandma’s flower shop.  They value innovation and creativity and are known for their modern, fresh arrangements.  We’re at The Goldener Hirsch venue today at a WIPA meeting for wedding industry professionals.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Blooms and Co.

Michael: Brynn, it’s so good to meet with you today.

Brynn: Likewise

Michael: We’re here at a WIPA event on which we’re both board members.

Brynn: We are.

Michael: So that’s fun.

Brynn: Yep.

Michael: Tell me about kindof your style.  You’re not your typical grandma’s flower shop.  What has inspired you to be a little bit more modern with your designs.

Brynn: Yeah so that’s like the first thing you see on our website is “we’re not your grandma’s flower shop.”

Michael: Right.

Brynn: Because I have a fine art background and I love being inspired by all kinds of different things and for me to stay interested and creative I like to be innovative.  So to stay on top of trends and modern designs that’s what I love.  And so that is really fun for me every single day is to create new trend setting things so we’re not just staying in the same rut all the time.

Michael: Yeah and so tell me more about what you actually do and what you’re creating these for.  Obviously we know you from the wedding industry and the event industry but you do a bunch of other things too, right?

Brynn: We do.  So we’re a full service flower shop, which that kindof sounds like your grandma to say that, but we do it in a different way.  So we do weddings, events, funerals, daily deliveries, and then we have a gift shop.  We also do corporate gifting, that’s a lot of fun.  When weddings die down at Christmas time we do corporate events and corporate Christmas gifting which is really fun.

Michael: Ok so if somebody needs something flowers, anything, you’re kindof the resource to go to. Stop by the shop, which you’re remodeling.

Brynn: We are, it’s a big dusty mess right now but it will be awesome.  We’ll have a walk-in cooler and a little more space which will be a lot of fun.

Michael: That will be exciting.  Well thanks for taking some time with us today, and thanks for joining our vendor spotlight this week.

Learn more about Blooms and Co. here: Website, Facebook, Instagram.

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