Vendor Spotlight – Ryan Hinman Films

This week we’re privileged to be working a wedding here in Highland with one of the most popular and accomplished wedding videographers in Utah.  His motto is “classic, not trendy.”  He makes films to last, films that you’ll want to watch for decades to come.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Ryan Hinman Films.


Adam: Thanks for joining me here today Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah of course.

Adam: So my first question, and I’ve actually wondered about this a lot myself, can you tell me some about the difference between other types of film and wedding videography specifically?

Ryan: Yeah I think actually the differences are pretty small.  I mean, we approach it like a documentary. Obviously, it’s kindof a one shot deal which makes it a little scary you know, there’s no do-over

Adam: Sure

Ryan: But you know we lens the day the same way and use cinematic approaches, we use composition the same way, we focus on audio, so the differences are very small. Even down to the cameras that are used, a lot of the gear that we use is used in the motion picture industry on smaller levels, so it’s very much like a cinematic, journalistic approach to the wedding day.

Adam: It really shows, your videos are great at story telling, they’re full of emotion and lighting and a real pleasure to watch over and over again.  It’s not just a bunch of put together pictures from the day.

Ryan: Right yeah I think that’s always the approach I’ve taken. I’ve always been drawn to more documentary style approaches and it sounds like such a cliche to say the story is the most important thing, but you shoot a few weddings and then you start to gravitate towards that, how story is really important and how that’s really important to the couple. They always want a good story, so audio is really important to me, and that’s why I love working with you guys because you guys are awesome at audio, I never have challenges. It’s kindof a selfish thing but there’s just, there’s a lot of peace of mind knowing that going into a wedding.

Adam: It’s not selfish at all, we love working with this Utah event community.  We’ve got so many friends and so many partners here. And it’s not just about familiarity, though that’s part of it, but also trust, right?  We know that when you’re on an event with us, when Michelle Leo or Pepper Nix or these other people that we love working with are on the same event everything’s going to run smoothly, it’s all going to be taken care of, and you’re a big part of that.

Ryan: Yeah and you know I’ve kindof been mindful of that as we’ve worked together and I’ve worked with other companies that I kindof bring what I need and make sure that you’re taken care of in terms of what you need from me.  There’s just a lot of synergy in Utah, all the vendors know each other and it’s just a great community to work in.

Adam: It is.  It’s a community and sometimes it’s a family on top of that.

Ryan: Yeah, absolutely.  Some people have left and sometimes I reach out to them like “we miss you! Where did you go?” That’s always kindof a sad time when someone leaves the biz but you know, there’s a good family community here

Adam: There absolutely is.  Thank you for being a part of that with us.

Ryan: Yeah of course.

Adam: And thanks for watching our vendor spotlight this week.

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