Vendor Spotlight – Soiree Productions

We’re here on a beautiful sunny day at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley where The Salamanders will be performing for a wedding reception.  The wedding planner is a good friend of ours that we’ve worked with for many years.  Her company was started in 1999 and they have maintained a reputation for high end, luxury, detail oriented event planning.  Our Vendor Spotlight today is Soiree Productions.  


Adam: Thanks for joining me today Kristin.  The wedding today has a lot of moving parts.  It’s a big wedding, which is amazing right now.  Tell a little bit about all of the people and the vendors that you had to bring together to make it happen.

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Kristin: We were really excited to work with this couple, they had great vision, great creativity, and a great budget.  They really envisioned a winter wonderland, so our ceremony is outside on the Flagstaff Deck. We’ve got umbrellas for everyone in case it starts to snow, which of course the couple hopes that it does.  Then we’re going to move in for hot chocolate, a beautiful string quartet, of course we have The Salamanders later this evening. That’s going to rock the house so we’ve got custom staging, custom lighting, custom floral installations, custom dance floor, to really make every part of this wedding unique and special for this couple that is joining us from Texas.

Adam: That’s awesome and it really is unique. The centerpieces in the middle of the tables in particular are stunning, you walk in and you see these giant floral displays!  So we’ve known each other for a long time, 

Kristin: Yes

Adam: I’ve seen you do lots of different types of events, and they all feel unique, they feel special.  How do you create unique, special events for such a wide variety of clients?

Kristin: I really take my cues from the couples themselves.  Our first conversation is always about what is the most important thing, and the bride and the groom always have different answers.  So it’s really important that we get their focus.  The bride wants to look beautiful and have a good time, the groom wants all of his friends to have fun, the mom wants to stay on budget, dad just wants to have his level of whiskey at the bar.

Adam: Sure

Kristin: And so our conversations start with what is the most important thing to them?  Is it staying on budget?  If it is, we make sure that all of our options are at their comfort level.  If it’s having a really good time, well then we need to hire the best band that they can afford.  Is it having over the top decor?  Well then we bring in all of our aesthetic teams – lighting, florals, custom dance floors.  Is it having just a really easy day?  Well then we manage the timeline and the logistics like that.  So we don’t have a way that we produce events, we customize our unique services to what they want to do every time.

Adam: You guys really do, and I’ve always been impressed with how well you listen.  I can call you in the middle of the day when you’re running and you’ve got 50 other people calling you all at once and you listen, you respond, you react, you’re easy to get a hold of, and it’s always made it so easy to work with you.  I’ll let you get to the wedding, thanks for joining me today.

Kristin: Thanks Adam

Adam: And thanks for watching our vendor spotlight this week.

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