We’re here today at Twenty & Creek, one of Utah’s newest wedding venues.  In fact they just passed their one year anniversary. It has rapidly become one of the most sought-after venues in northern Utah, a favorite for both clients and vendors, not only for the location and the gorgeous space of course, but also because of the care and personalized service from Megan, Melanie, and their team.  Join us on a tour of Twenty and Creek while we talk with Director of Sales and Operations Melanie Rossiter, and Event Operations Manager Lauren Thompson.

Adam: Melanie and Lauren, thank you so much for joining me here today. We love working at Twenty & Creek and I have learned so much about the space today. You were telling me about some of the changes that you’ve made to create a more elegant and timeless feel – chandeliers, windows, doors.  Can you tell me some about what you’ve done to really elevate this space?

Melanie: Absolutely! So we completely remodeled the space and like you mentioned we added more windows, more doors, the doors in the venue actually open the whole length of the wall so it really feels like it’s an indoor outdoor venue leading back into for stunning gardens. We have a water feature as well, and like you mentioned we brought in three incredibly elegant chandeliers! We love them, they’re dimmable so you can have your first dance moment and they’re really dim or really bright for other times. Just our whole space is done so that the finishing touches are just that elegant feel. You don’t need to add a lot to your event, or if you do want to add a lot it just enhances the whole feel.

Adam: The doors are actually my favorite part because they really show off what you’ve done outside also.  You planted, you guys have added the patio, you’ve done so much work not just indoors but outdoors. And you have numerous spaces that people here like using, right? You’ve got the bridal suite, the groom’s room. Can you tell me some about the different spaces in the building?

Lauren: One of the things our clients love about our space is the beauty of it, but they also get so much more than just the main level. We have our beautiful bridal suite upstairs with lots of seats and a make-up bar, a sound system so when brides get ready here they have a blast! We have our groom’s room in our basement that has a TV and a mini fridge and it’s a very elevated feel so that they can get ready here all day. We also included a vendor room so that when vendors come here they have a place to stay as well. We really wanted it to be both beautiful and functional so that our clients who are having their event here, as well as our vendors who are working here, have a great experience from start to finish.

Adam: I know you guys are very proud of your bridal suite and your groom’s room and the different spaces and you have every right to be.

We love working here, and we hope you’ll enjoy your event at Twenty & Creek.

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