Choosing the Best Live Music for Your Event Means Picking the Right Band

Fall is here and it’s time to start planning your annual company party. To make your party a hit you’ll want the best live music and that means picking the right band. At Utah Live Bands we have a band for every occasion and every mood. As you start considering your live music options, keep in mind that all of our bands at Utah Live Bands are experienced and talented musicians. We’ve played hundreds of private parties and corporate events. We know how to read a crowd and make ‘em happy.

The Groove Merchants

The Groove Merchants is Utah Live Bands’ flagship act. Corporate clients and wedding planners alike love booking the Groove Merchants because their show is unforgettable. The Groove Merchants are known for their flexibility and fun. The band features tight vocals, inventive and energetic choreography, and top quality musicianship.

The Salamanders

The Salamanders is Utah Live Bands’ most booked band. Because this act is smaller in size than some of our other acts, they may be more cost effective for a client on a smaller budget. But, don’t let their size fool you. Made up of studio musicians and amazing vocalists, this band prides itself on making sure their sound is pitch perfect. While the musicians on the back-line are getting the sound right, lead singers Jordan and Rickae Robbins are out front, working the crowd, and selling every number.

Drive Country Band

Are you ready for some down-home country fun with a contemporary pop flair? Drive Country Band is Utah Live Bands big event country band. Their playlist contains some old country standards as well as contemporary cross-over hits. As an added entertainment extra, Drive loves to do line dance instruction as part of their set. If you’re looking, for live music to get a crowd engaged and having fun then you’ll want to book DRIVE today.

The Dance Doctors

If you’re event is all about creating a contemporary, millennial vibe then you’ll definitely want to book the DANCE DOCTORS. This young but experienced and incredibly talented band will give you the hip feeling you’re looking for as they bring their mod energy to your party. Their playlist is loaded with contemporary hits balanced with hits from all the popular dance genres including classic rock, funk, Jazz, country, and disco.



Amplifly is a totally unique dance band experience. Combining top talent musicians with a synchronized LED light show and awesome aerial stunts, Amplifly is unlike any other dance band you’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for a completely original live music act for your upcoming event, then book Amplifly today.


High Society

We recently added High Society to our talent roster and they are being booked fast. Filled with up and coming musicians and vocalists, High Society brings together musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. This diversity means that HIGH SOCIETY can give your guests exactly what they love, from rap to rock and everything in between.

Mimi Valentine and the Gentlemen’s Club

Themed parties never go out of style and if you’re throwing a themed event, then Mimi Valentine and the Gentlemen’s Club can provide you with the vintage vibe the party needs to really pop. MVATGC love to take today’s top hits and genre flip them into vintage sounding sensations. They’ll transform your favorite hits from today into a doo wap song or a 1940s crooned confection. Your guests will love this fun party band.

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