Vendor Spotlight – Kimball Terrace

Today we’re at a venue located at the heart of Park City at the corner of Heber and Main St.  From their East balcony you can see right up historic Main St., while the West terrace offers a panorama of the rooftop garden backed against the Park City Mountain slopes.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Kimball Terrace.

Adam: Thanks for joining me today Madison!

Madison: Of course, I’m happy to be here.

Adam: So Kimball Terrace is an awesome venue here in Park City, but it is also a unique venue to Park City.  Tell me some of what sets Kimball Terrace apart.  What makes it different and unique?

Madison: Well especially being right here on Main St we really have a ton of space inside.  We have 3500 square feet of indoor space and then we have 1800 square feet on our outdoor rooftop terrace.  Many of the venues here on Main St., they’re just a lot tighter – you might be inside of a bar that you’re flipping, things like that.  So to be right here in downtown Park City and to have this much space, that is super unique to us.  Then the views as well! It’s so great because you’re right here in downtown Park City but you are up on the second level so it does give you some exclusivity and feeling of privacy for your event with all the same great views.  We have floor to ceiling windows all throughout the venue so you have a great view of downtown Main St. and then of the mountain slopes right behind you from our outdoor terrace.

Adam: It’s true, the view here is unbeatable.

Madison: I love it!

Adam: And the way you can get outside on several sides, you can look up Main St. or you can look up the mountain and see the skiers, see the leaves changing in the fall, totally awesome.  You guys were known for a long time as a go-to corporate event space.

Madison: Yes

Adam: But you don’t just do corporate events.  What else do you guys do?  What are you working on now and for the future?

Madison: Well specifically during Covid we saw that big drop off in corporate events of course so we started doing a lot more micro-weddings, because we do have so much space, so it was so great for all those weddings with smaller groups of people to have so much room to spread around, especially our outdoor balcony and our outdoor rooftop terrace, that was great for airflow as well.  Since then we’ve been seeing a lot more wedding rehearsal dinners, wedding welcome parties, it’s a really great spot for that as we’re so close to all the resorts up there like Deer Valley, and so we have so many weddings at Stein Eriksen and at Montage and St. Regis and I’ve developed those partnerships with them so we send weddings their way and they send rehearsal dinners our way.  And it’s really great, it’s completely different, different vibe and feeling and look and location from the venue they have for their wedding but still nice and close to be right here in Park City.

Adam: Totally, and right next to Main St, you can come in off Main St. or walk straight out from Sundance Film Festival or any of the other art galleries that are around, it’s a really awesome space for that.  Thanks for joining me today and telling me about Kimball Terrace and thanks for watching our vendor spotlight this week.

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