Event Design and Production

Utah Live Bands is Skylark Productions

Utah Live Bands, a division of Skylark Productions, offers comprehensive Event Design and Creation services, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision and objectives. Our dedicated team thrives on collaborating with you from the event’s inception, guiding the planning process to achieve your goals seamlessly. Additionally, our Live Event Videography captures and produces moments that matter, whether for real-time broadcasting on event screens or for post-event editing and production. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our Event Livestreaming services cover remote conventions, wedding ceremonies, external broadcasting, and more, enabling a broader reach for your events. Trust us to transform your ideas into remarkable, unforgettable experiences through our meticulous event design and production expertise.

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Our Full Catalog of Event Design and Production Services:

  • Event Design & Creation
  • Stage Design
  • In-House Video Studio
  • Live Event Videography
  • Event Streaming
  • Commercials & Promo Videos
  • Video Switching
  • Event & Stage Decor
  • Event & Stage Lighting
  • Guest Activities (Photo Booths, Casino Parties, Carnival Activities, and more)

Event Design that are Unforgettable

At Utah Live Bands, we’re not just event planners; we’re creators of captivating experiences. Specializing in corporate events, we understand the importance of crafting seamless and engaging occasions, from impactful product launches to dynamic business celebrations. Our team of experts in lighting, decor, and audio-visuals ensures the perfect ambiance, immersive environments, and sensory engagement. We’re dedicated partners, committed to making your corporate event an unforgettable success with our creative expertise.

Captivating Event Productions

Our event production team at Utah Live Bands boasts an in-house video studio equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources. We pride ourselves on our versatile cyc wall, state-of-the-art lighting, immersive sets, and an advanced editing studio that brings your event vision to life. From live event videography for on-screen displays to post-event editing and production, we ensure seamless and professional coverage. Moreover, our expertise extends to event livestreaming, allowing remote access to conventions, wedding ceremonies, and external broadcasting. With a results-oriented approach, we specialize in creating high-caliber commercials and promo videos across diverse industries. Trust us for live video switching, providing smooth screen presentations and seamless livestreaming experiences for your events.

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