Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Are We?

We are a full scale production and entertainment company. In addition to our world class bands, we offer entertainment of all kinds, audio/visual services, production and planning. We have produced events for some of the largest companies in the world, all over the world.

We work on events of all sizes, we can provide a solo musician for an intimate gathering or we can provide everything you need for an entire convention. We manage some of the top party bands in the world and can make sure they have sound, staging, lighting, video walls, decor, and everything else. As you look through our site you’ll find DJ’s, casino games, fabrication, and much more.

We actually operate around the world! We are based in Utah but our groups have played in almost every state, they’ve played on almost every continent, and are regulars in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Booking a Band

Several factors affect the price including the specific entertainment or band, location, production, etc. We have provided everything from inexpensive combos for small events to entertainment and production for huge conventions in large arenas around the world. Contact us, letting us know what you are interested in and we will give a prompt quote.

For most of our entertainment, a 50%, non-refundable deposit if required to reserve the act.

For most of our entertainment, a 50%, non-refundable deposit if required to reserve the act.

After deciding what you want, we will send you an agreement to sign that outlines the details of your event. Once we get that agreement signed and a deposit, we will reserve the entertainment for your event.

Many of our bands book up to a year (or sometimes more) in advance; however, we are good at accommodating last minute events with short notice. We recommend booking the band as soon as possible. While other vendors (like flowers, catering, etc) can do multiple events in a night, each band can typically only schedule out once per night. Once a band is booked, they become unavailable. The sooner you book, the higher chance you will have of getting the band you want.

It depends on where your event is and when it ends. If the band is traveling a far distance, than hotels would need to be provided or an additional travel fee can be paid and we can take care of them.

One of our professional sales staff will help you every step of the way, from presenting options that would best fit your event to walking you through the booking process. We know it can be stressful to put on an event. Our job is to ease your burden and make the entertainment the easiest part of the event for you!

Preparing for Your Event

This depends on the entertainment. Power – Most larger bands require approximately six 20 amp circuit breakers located within 50 feet of the stage or performance area. For smaller bands and combos, one power outlet may be sufficient. Some acoustic groups require no power. Stage of floor space – This also depends on the size of the band and the amount of sound equipment needed. Larger bands require 20 x0 24 feet. Smaller bands require less. Outdoor Covering – For outdoor events, a canopy of some other covering is usually required. This is to protect the instruments from the sun and weather

Yes! We can provide stages, power, tents, dance floors, decor and anything needed for any of our acts.

Yes. We love to accommodate requests. If the request is not in the band or performers repertoire it is up to the individual band leader to determine whether the request can be learned, however most of our bands and performers are happy to learn new songs. To ensure requests are played or learned, give us plenty of notice (we recommend at least 30 days).

Yes, we are happy to work with you and to cater to your specific event; however, consider this: A mediocre band can play tunes from a list all night. A great band has a good feel for the crowd. They know what kinds of tunes a particular crowd is dancing to and will build the energy up throughout the night. It always works best if you let the band leader determine the order of the tunes so he/she can do that effectively. At Utah Live Bands we pride ourselves on providing only the best and most experienced entertainment available.

Most of the information we need is included in the contract and we will go over it with you. It is also very helpful to receive a schedule or timeline of the event (speeches, awards, toasts etc,) directions, parking and loading information. For weddings, first dance and other dance requests should be given to us with plenty of notice. There may also be some specific items needed based on the band you book. For example, if you book a jazz quartet with a piano player, we will need to know if there is an available piano or if we need to bring a keyboard. For aerial acts, we will need to know the rigging options and details of the venue or, we will need to bring portable rigging.

We like (and some bands require) access to the venue at least 4 hours prior to the performance. For large productions where we are providing A/V, we may need to set up the day before. The smaller the entertainment, the less this is an issue. Some of our small combos can be set up in 30 minutes or less. Mediocre entertainment agencies often cut it too close with this aspect of the event and end up rushing around or worse, delay the start time. We want to be prepared so the entertainment goes as smoothly as possible and to allow time to accommodate any potential issues that arise

Other questions

No! Unlike other booking agencies, we produce, own and/or manage 90% of the entertainment on our website exclusively. That means, you are working directly with the source. In addition to that, we are a full scale booking agency and production company with affiliates all over the country and can book you anything you need for your event.