Top Wedding Ceremony Musician Choices

At Utah Live Bands one of the most common requests is music for a wedding ceremony, and we can say without a doubt that the three most common choices are string quartet, harp, and solo guitar. Each of these options is beautiful, intimate, and classic.

String Quartet

Our featured string quartet is String Love, known for their versatility, as well as having the longest song list in Utah (and maybe anywhere). But what really sets this group apart is that they love special requests! If you’ve got a song you want to hear, whether for your processional, recessional, or at any other point in the ceremony, they’ll build it for you from scratch! But they’re not just adaptable with music choices, they love special instrumental arrangements – piano and strings, harp, guitar, vocals, even drums and a full band! Check out String Love‘s recent promo video here:


Harp is one of the most iconic wedding instruments, you see it at weddings in movies all the time. Our Utah Wedding Harpists are some of the most experienced in the industry, having studied with the best harpists in the world (Maria studied at the Royal Academy in London!). A full pedal harp has the range of a piano with the voice of an angel. Whether you request classical music or more modern music, walking down the aisle to a harp is romantic and timeless.


Just like our string quartets and our harpists, our guitar players are versatile and can play any style you want. Just like the others you can put them anywhere because they fit just about anywhere. But the guitar also comes with an iconic look and sound that everybody in the world recognizes! Our solo guitarists have a depth of experience on the instrument and a depth of experience at weddings. They’ll make sure your ceremony runs smoothly and the music both sounds and looks amazing. Check out one of our featured guitarists, Larry Green, here:

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