Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment

Thank you for your interest in our Utah wedding services. Since 2005, we have taken great pride in our award winning bands and ensembles. In addition, we can service your audio/visual, livestreaming or stage rental needs. Because we are very familiar with all of the wedding venues and wedding planners in Utah, we can handle all or some of these services for you in a smooth and professional way.

Feel free to browse some of our most popular options below, sorted by the following categories:

  • Party Bands
  • Jazz and Society Bands
  • Soft Background Music
  • DJs
  • Live Stream and Virtual Guestbook
  • Audio/Visual and Stage Rentals

Party Bands

Groove Merchants Party Band

The Groove Merchants

9 piece. 3 front vocalists, two guitars, keys, drums, bass, saxophone/vocals, trombone/vocals. Expanded version optional

The Salamanders band photo


6-9 pieces. Two vocalists, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums. Horns optional

Park City Wedding Band

Dance Doctors

8 piece. 3 Front vocalits, guitar, bass, keys, drums, saxophone/vocals

Header image for High Society party band

High Society

7-8 piece. 4 Vocalists, guitar, keys/saxophone, drums, bass

Utah Country Band for Hire

Drive Country Band

6 piece. 3 vocalists. Guitar, bass, drums

Hire a Cover Band

Jersey Street

5 piece budget friendly option. M. Vocals, F Vocals/keys, Guitar/Vocals, Bass, Drums

Jazz Bands

Jazz bands work great for soft music or elegant dance music. While not typically as loud or high energy as a party band a jazz ensemble works fantastic for a background set or cocktail hour as well.

jazz combo

Jazz Combos

Popular sizes are duo, trio quartet or quintet. With or without a vocalist

Swing band in Utah

Utah Swing Orchestra

Swing Music of the 30s and 40s. With or without a vocalist

Roadside Ramblers

1920s society music and new orleans jazz. Wonderful for Great Gatsby themed events

Old fashioned vintage band

Mimi Valentine and the Gentlemen’s Club

Modern and classic pop songs with a vintage twist. Similar to the viral band “Postmodern Jukebox”

Gabe Redondo

Crooner Trios

We offer a variety of vocal based jazz and crooner trios

Other Jazz Ensembles

We offer bands that play salsa music, brazilian, afro-latin, latin jazz, beebop, smooth jazz and more

Ceremony and Background Music and services

Ceremony, Cocktail hour, dinner music, light reception entertainment. This is mostly for situations where the music is not the focus of what is happening. Most of these groups can some play dance music as well but these groups are primarily used for background music. Please also see the jazz bands section above for more background music options

String Ensemble

Very popular for ceremonies and coattail hour. Acoustic and Easily movable

Hire an Acoustic music group for background music

Solo Guitar

A wonderful acoustic option. If you hire a party band, usually the band guitar player can accommodate this

Solo Piano

If a piano is not provided, we will provide a keyboard. We can even provide a keyboard that is placed in a grand piano shell (shown here) for an additional charge. Your guests will think it is a real acoustic grand piano

Hire a harpist

Other Solo Performers

Harp, saxophone, and more

utah pop trio


Acoustic trio that performs current and aged pop music


We offer a variety of popular DJs at different price points. DJs can be an affordable option to have great dance music during your reception, or, they work very well for after parties, after you have already danced the night away with your band of choice. Our DJs can also slide seamlessly into band breaks for clients that want to bounce back and fourth between live and pre-recorded music. Here are some of our most popular DJs:

DJ Utah Silent

Silent DJ

All your guests wear headphones and can rotate between different DJ options

Livestreaming / Virtual Guestbook

We professionally livestream your wedding so your friends and family across the world can witness your ceremony, first dance, and reception. Their unique services allow you to focus on your wedding while we take care of the equipment, technology, and logistics of producing an immersive live streaming experience for your viewers. This means you can invite as many people as you would like to celebrate with you through a combination of in-person and virtual guests.
Utah Live Bands wedding live streaming services include the following:

  • Multiple HD wireless cameras to capture the ceremony/reception from different angles creating an engaging movie-like experience
  • Virtual guest book for everyone to share their well-wishes with you
  • Customized private website with your photo, livestream video, and countdown timer
  • Roaming camera to give your guests front row seats for the ceremony, toast, and first dance. 
  • Portable internet connection to ensure a high-definition livestream without interruptions
  • Wireless lapel microphone to capture the ceremony and speeches so viewers perfectly hear every word
  • Add slideshows or pre-recorded videos during the livestream to entertain viewers
  • Secure and easy to use live-viewing link for your friends and family to watch on any device, and no limit to how many people can watch
  • Copy of the full live stream after your event to always remember the day and send to those who couldn’t watch live

Audio-Visual and Stage Rentals

Our audio/visual team is second to none. We provide ceremony sound, up lighting and stage lighting, stage, instrument backline and sound engineering for traveling bands from other locations and more.

Thank you so much for your interest in our Utah wedding services!