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Top Wedding Ceremony Musicians
May 17, 2021

Top Wedding Ceremony Musician Choices At Utah Live Bands one of the most common requests is music for a wedding ceremony, and we can say without a doubt that the three most common choices are string quartet, harp, and solo guitar. Each of these options is beautiful, intimate, and classic. String Quartet Our featured string quartet is String Love, known for their versatility, as well as having the longest song list in Utah (and maybe...

Local Talent Spotlight - Brady Bills
January 25, 2013

When your reputation relies on whether the bands and musicians you book do a good job, it becomes extremely important to use the right people.  We know and work with the best musicians in the state (and surrounding states); but there is more to these musicians that just knowing how to play music.  There is showmanship, reliability, professionalism, adaptability, etc.  One musician who has become a really important tool in our...