Vendor Spotlight – Breanna White Photography

This week we’re spotlighting a vendor who believes she has the best job in the world.  For her the title “photographer” is too bland – she documents love! She creates beautiful imagery to craft your narrative, and makes sure her photos tell your story the way you feel it.  Our Vendor Spotlight this week is photographer Breanna White.  

Adam: Thanks for joining me today Breanna.

Breanna: Of course.

Adam: Tell me a little bit about your style as a photographer.

Breanna: Yeah, so I am actually a dramatic wedding photographer, and that term comes from the emphasis of focusing on light.  I take my portraits and I am very intentional with my lighting, that’s where the dramatic comes from.

Adam: Your photos are consistently gorgeous and dramatic without being moody.  How did you learn how to do that?  What is your background?

Breanna: Yeah, so I actually got my degree in photography, and I was taught from the best of the best from all over the world. They came in and they taught me how to do portrait lighting, we learned stills, we learned everything.  Which taking that more commercial background that I was taught in my degree I then was able to apply that to wedding photography.

Adam: That really shows.  You don’t just have beautiful photographs, you really tell a story with them.  And you didn’t just learn from the best, you’re also working on paying that forwards, especially through social media, right?

Breanna: Yes, this last month especially I’ve been working on helping other people, everyone, with tips and tricks on how to pose as well as tips and tricks I’ve learned through weddings.  So that’s something that I’ve been really focusing on to help not only my couples and wedding vendors but everyone.

Adam: Breanna’s social media has been on fire lately, definitely check it out.  Thanks for joining me here today, and thanks for watching our Vendor Spotlight of the Week.

To learn more about Breanna White Photography, visit her here: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

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