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Top Wedding Ceremony Musicians
May 17, 2021

Top Wedding Ceremony Musician Choices At Utah Live Bands one of the most common requests is music for a wedding ceremony, and we can say without a doubt that the three most common choices are string quartet, harp, and solo guitar. Each of these options is beautiful, intimate, and classic. String Quartet Our featured string quartet is String Love, known for their versatility, as well as having the longest song list in Utah (and maybe...

String Love & ULB on KUTV "Fresh Living"
February 11, 2014

Utah Live Bands has recently teamed up with the state's premiere string ensemble, String Love to provide the state with high-class, recognizable music from all the decades.  Most string quartets will perform classical music, but String Love provides more options for people who don't just want Pachebel's Canon or a Bach concerto; they play the Beatles & Muse; Al Green & the White Stripes; Miley Cyrus & Katy Perry, etc, etc, etc.  View...