Event Entertainment

Fair and Festival Entertainment

As the days get warmer there are many things to look forward to.  One of the most thrilling and nostalgic is attending a fair or festival.  During the spring, summer, and fall seasons there are many state and city fairs that pop-up across the country.  Although colorful rides and greasy food might be the first thing people think of reflecting on these types of events, music plays a major ro…

Creative Event Music

Most events will have some form of music present at them but background music aired over the PA system is not something to write home about.  With creative music ideas you can really make an impression and give guests a party they won’t soon forget.

Dance Party


Many event planners fantasize about getting people out on the dance floor.  The problem is that many of these fantasies…

Unique Event Entertainers

Having entertainment at your event can take it to a whole other level of unforgettable and fun.  Having fantastical entertainment, now that will really set it apart.  Have you ever wanted to see a mermaid?  What about ninjas or fire-breathers?  If you have a special event that really needs to pop, you should look into the many options of alternative entertainment.

Some uniqu…

Event Music Myths

Music Myths

#1: Bad band breaks
A concern that afflicts many planners is that a band may take too many or too long of breaks.  However, bands will generally play about an hour before taking a very short 10-15 minute break.  Most dancers, after rocking out so hard, are also ready to grab a drink or momentary seat.  The band will be back on stage before you know it and even when they aren’t…

Custom Music Bands – Build a Band for an Event

Utah Live Bands has been creating customized acts for corporate events and weddings for years.  Will it work for you?
 Build – a – Band

There are some incredible party and wedding bands in the state of Utah, but they all have one weakness: they are limited by their specialties and instrumentation.  You can’t always hire a small jazz combo and have them sound like a rock band.  You may…

Pros & Cons to Hiring Live Bands

Whether you’re a bride, event planner, corporate events coordinator, or are just throwing a party, the thought has probably crossed your mind: “should I hire live musicians?”  It always seems like a good idea until you really start thinking about the logistics of it all.  Where are you going to put the band?  Is it in the budget?  What kind of band would be good for everyone?


A Word on Live Sound

As part of our job, we work with all sorts of sound engineers, sound companies, etc.  If you are looking to book a band for a wedding or event you’ve probably haven’t given much thought to the quality of sound reinforcement that a band uses; but if you are a musician in a band, you know that hiring the right sound people is a make/break decision.  They are either the unsung heroes or t…

Behind the Scenes

For those of you who ever wondered what goes into a Utah Live Bands productions, here is a video that gives you an inside peek.  The time-lapse of the band setting up covers almost 4 hours of preperation. 

  A big thanks to the Hunstman Cancer Foundation and Anne Stiba Cancer Foundation for letting us be a part of your Gala.
Transcript of video:
*Hi, this is Mik…

Wild & Unusual Entertainment

Utah Live Bands is and has been on many vendor’s “first call” list for bands and music in and around the state of Utah.  What people may not know is that we also have many non-musical acts available for parties–acts that many event planners haven’t even considered.

For example, did you know there are extremely talented acrobats and aerialists that are available for hire based out of Salt…

Professionals vs. Experts

It doesn’t take a lot to call yourself a professional these days.  In fact, any band or musician that has gotten paid to play can call themselves a professional (and they do… often).  So what’s the difference between a reliable/quality group and some college buddies that got paid $50 once to play at their grandmother’s birthday party?

1.) I meant to do that!

Experienced musicians hav…

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