We have a number of great bands in a variety of genres and styles however, if you aren’t finding EXACTLY what you want we will create it for you!  With your help, we can pool our entertainers and produce a group that fits your theme perfectly.  If you want to hire a jazz band that will blow your guests away we can add some Blues Brothers impersonators to the mix.  Maybe you want to throw a rocking party thats more than a regular show; we can include fire dancers or karaoke with a live band so that your guests can be the star.


It might be that we have something close to what you are looking for but it needs a little alteration.  For instance, you may be throwing a party that requires one of our Dixie land bands but you want to emphasis the roaring 20’s aspect of the band for a Great Gatsby party.  We have had clients create groups for Vegas parties, Whitney Houston tributes, Marty Gras parties, and much more.  If you are looking to create a group for your event, here are some easy steps you should follow.  First, you should consider a theme or story that you are trying to create.  Decide on the level of group involvement you want as well.  Would you like the entertainers to mingle and interact with guests or would you rather have a subtle assembly to create ambiance.

The second thing you need to consider are the songs you do or do not want included in your groups song list.  You need to decide when and where you want the group to perform; do you want them to perform for a ceremony and a dance party or just a cocktail hour?  The next thing to make decisions about is what instrumentation you really want involved.  If you are having a German party and really need an accordion player, let us know.  Many of our bands can be altered musically and in terms of members.  This trimming or accumulating of members can also customize the band to fit your budget.  If want a regular party band but you don’t want to pay their regular fee, you can trim some of the horn players or have 2 vocalists rather than 3.  There are many options for creating a band to fit your budget.


No matter what you are looking for we can help.  We are always open to new directions and changing course.  Contact us now for help in creating your perfect band/entertainers or to simply brainstorm.

–Nikole Higgins, Communication Director, nikole@utahlivebands.com