Creative Event Music

Most events will have some form of music present at them but background music aired over the PA system is not something to write home about.  With creative music ideas you can really make an impression and give guests a party they won’t soon forget.

Dance Party

Many event planners fantasize about getting people out on the dance floor.  The problem is that many of these fantasies are never realized because of a lack of planning.  What people fail to realize is that simply playing music will not make guests want to dance.  The entire atmosphere of an event needs to coax a crowd in to boogying.  You hiring a DJ will certainly make a better impression than just playing music from an iPod but if you really want people to get on their feet, hire a live band.  There is something about having a live band at a party that makes people want to move.  Bands provide the maximum amount of energy and inclusivity for a crowd that you can ever dream to find.  For a great dance party, variety bands will play a mixture of genres to appeal to a range of guests, they do it big, and they do it loud.  Here are some of the most popular variety bands in the area: Groove Merchants, Dance Doctors, The Bandits, and The Salamanders. 

Themed Events

For some, a general party is not enough to please the crowd or planner.  If you want a unique event that is based around a specific theme than you will also want to hire a themed band to match.  Some ideas for a themed party include…

A Gatsby Party:  Gatsby parties have been popular lately and for good reason.  People dress in  20’s apparel, decorations are elaborate and of course there is the ROARING MUSIC!  Dixieland bands are great for these events, they play this genre and they play it well. Here are some of the beset Dixieland bands around: The Roadside Ramblers, and Rocky Mountain Rhythm Boys.

These bands are also great for jazz themes and New Orleans style parties.  You should certainly consider their upbeat method when looking to hire a band for Marty Gras parties and the like.

Here is another generational band for a different era: Breakfast Klub 80’s Band, with hits by Madonna, Michael Jackson, and even Oingo Boingo.

Acoustic or Classic:  Some parties are better off with an extravagant band, some parties, well they aren’t.  For a more organic or elegant party there are still great options to warm-up the affair with melodies and pleasurable harmonies.  Here are some great options for a classic or natural feel:  String LoveGuitar/Cello duo, Will & Dave.

Funk/Motown Event: For a high-energy party themed around funky classics and soulful tunes book a band that specializes in R&B and Motown.  Here are some bands that will add soul to your event: The Motown Tribute Show, and CLE Motown Classics, and The SugaTones.

Other Themed Parties:  Other events you may be interested in holding could include more ethnic bands.  For your culturally themed party consider the following band genres: Celtic Band, German Band Blue-grass group, Cowboy poets and Italian bands.  CLICK HERE for information about our ethnic bands.

–Nikole Higgins, Communication Director,