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To avoid throwing a corporate/company party that’s just white noise, here are some ideas that will help make your event unique and memorable…


Bands: There are many options when it comes to bands, you can have anything from a variety band (playing popular music from many genres) to a specialty band that provides specific music styles like Latin, Jazz or Country.  Depending on the theme and budget of your party you will want to research a band that works best within the context of your occasion.  If the event is going to be more formal you may want to stick with a string group that can create a peaceful atmosphere and eloquent mood.  If you intend to have dancing at your party you should hire a premier band that has experience in reading a crowd and playing a variety of songs.  Other musical entertainers that might spice up your occasion would be DJ’s, dueling pianists, beat boxers and celebrities (local or otherwise).  

Performers:  There are tons of performers to choose from when hiring for an event.  Again, a lot of your decision will be based on the idea surrounding the party.  Something that’s simple could be hiring roaming or cirque performers like flair bartenders or celebrity impersonators this way the crowd can interact with them and get personal pics for themselves.  To add a nostalgic or festive feel consider hiring a face painter, speed painter, caricature artist or palm/tarot reader.  There are also more extreme amusers like snake charmers, fire artists, and aerialists.  If you want a humorous entertainer you may think about getting a sketch comedian or even a magician, these tend to be very entertaining for all ages.

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Casino Night: This has become a popular choice for companies with an active or hard to please crowd.  When you throw a casino themed event you are allowing the guests to step out of their daily lives and enjoy the flashy embrace that is the casino.  There are a multitude of options you can choose from with a casino theme in terms of decorations, performers and activities.   There may be preliminary announcements, etc… at the beginning of the evening but by the end of the night everyone will be gathered around roulette or black jack while enjoying an unforgettable evening.

Ethnic:  Internationally themed parties make for easier planning when it comes to party details.  If you know what your ethnic focus is than food, and decorations are more easily inspired and purchased.  Some great ethnic themes include…
Moroccan: snake handlers, belly dancers, torches, pillow lounges
Polynesian: luau style food, tikis, grass skirts, fire dancers, hula lessons
Asian: dancing dragons, Chinese lanterns, acrobats, kimonos
Southern American:  this may be a Marti Gras theme or just good old fashioned southern jive complete with jambalaya and a Dixie land band.
Others themes: Latin, Mediterranean, Viking, Safari, and Australian

Decade: You may choose to pick a generational theme for your party; this is a fun idea because no matter what era you pick, you can always accentuate the best parts about it.  Currently the most popular choices for decade parties are Gatsby parties (roaring 20’s), 50’s, and 80’s.  These themes make it easy to create an all encompassing atmosphere because of their iconic trademarks like flapper dresses (20’s), dinners & poodle skirts (50’s), neon and sweat clothes(80’s).

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No matter what you choose for your event, see that you add a personal touch to it.  Keep the crowd involved, make the experience unique and you will throw a party that other companies will envy for years to come.  If there are any great ideas we failed to mention write them in our comments section.

–Nikole Higgins, Communication Director,