Unique event entertainment

Having entertainment at your event can take it to a whole other level of unforgettable and fun.  Having fantastical entertainment, now that will really set it apart.  Have you ever wanted to see a mermaid?  What about ninjas or fire-breathers?  If you have a special event that really needs to pop, you should look into the many options of alternative entertainment.

Some unique entertainers are known as “roaming performers”.  Roaming performers have the ability to mingle and even interact with guests; they include anything from stilt walkers and jugglers to trick bartenders and aerialists.  This type of masterful entertainment at any event will impress the crowd and leave them wanting more.

Alternative entertainers are not only great for large events but can be utilized for special occasions like birthdays and themed parties.  If you have a youngster that loves the magical or mysterious those mermaids or ninjas may be just the present for them.  Perhaps you are having a pirate themed party, well search no further than one of the many lookalikes that can be offered (Captain Jack Sparrow included).

Overall, these unique forms of entertainment will boost your event into the unforgettable.  Whether for a large or small event, alternative entertainment can transform your party from something great to something astonishing.  Browse this Cirque & Other Acts tab for information and videos.

Nikole Higgins, Communication Director, Nikole@utahliveband.com