Whether you’re a bride, event planner, corporate events coordinator, or are just throwing a party, the thought has probably crossed your mind: “should I hire live musicians?”  It always seems like a good idea until you really start thinking about the logistics of it all.  Where are you going to put the band?  Is it in the budget?  What kind of band would be good for everyone?

Hire the Salamanders Band

The Salamanders Live on Stage

Most people throw up their hands and call for a DJ or play ipod music over a PA system.  They convince themselves that the music isn’t all that important at events like this one—which may very well be true (but it usually is not).  Music is one of the top contributors to making an event memorable and exciting.  Think about the last time you were at a fun and exciting event; was there good music?  Now think about the last time you were at a boring, hum-drum convention or get-together.  I guarantee you it did not involve a high-energy Party Band.

So let’s discuss some pros and cons of Live Bands.  The downside to a band is that they are definitely an expensive option.  Good ones often have travel expenses and requirements that can make the logistics of an event more complicated.  Using a good booking agent can help eliminate headaches as they are usually able to get you a flat fee and then take care of all of the ugly details.  There is also the headache of FINDING the right band for you.  If you are doing it on your own, you have lots of different bands that claim to be the hottest thing around when, in actuality, they may just be a run-of-the-mill “hobby” band.

The most apparent benefit to live music is the high level of energy and excitement that comes from have a Dance Band.  Also, there are several kinds of bands for themed events, etc.; anything from Motown bands and Country Bands to Cover/Variety Bands.  Some Variety bands are so popular, that they are flown all over the world by high-profile clientele.

Utah Swing Orchestra with Groom singing to bride

Groom Singing with the Utah Swing Orchestra to his new wife

Another great thing about a live band is the interactive aspect.  Especially with talented performers, bands can get everyone involved in a way that even you didn’t think possible.  I’ve seen bands organize limbo contests, line dancing instruction, even put on a mini theater-show right on the dance floor.

Good talent agents like Utah Live Bands are able to direct you toward the best and most relevant bands.  They also take care of details so that hiring a band is such a monumental task.