Custom Music Bands – Build a Band for an Event

Utah Live Bands has been creating customized acts for corporate events and weddings for years.  Will it work for you?

 Build – a – Band

There are some incredible party and wedding bands in the state of Utah, but they all have one weakness: they are limited by their specialties and instrumentation.  You can’t always hire a small jazz combo and have them sound like a rock band.  You may want a big party band, but they may not have the instrumentation to do a broadway-esque rendition of your favorite medley from Baz Lurhman’s saga, Moulin Rouge.  And let’s face it, there is some good event entertainment in the area, but you can’t always find the precise tribute band you are looking for.  A Utah chapter of the Parrott Heads just doesn’t exist–or didn’t exist until we created one for a client.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Pick a genre.

We can assume since you’re considering a custom band that you already have a theme in mind, but if you contact us and let us know the theme of your event, we can help you brainstorm on the best type of music for your theme. Whether it’s Country, Motown, Jazz, Bluegrass, German, or anything else, it’s our job to make sure the ambiance is just right.

Step 2: Include your Songs.

We can take your theme and run with it, or we can take your song selections and build the band around that. Especially for ceremonies, many clients have wanted some very specific songs to walk down the aisle to. String Love, for example, loves creating custom arrangements of songs for wedding ceremonies.

Step 3: Instrumentation.

Of course we can lend you our expertise on what we think would work well, but the final decision rests on you.  If you need a glokenspiel with a marching bass drum mixed with a sitar and rock singer, that is what you shall have! We organize the musicians and make it happen.

Step 3: Name your band!

This is your band… so you name it.  Remember, this band didn’t exist until you thought it up.  The talent will be there and it will be superb, but it will take it’s cues and inspiration from your brain. If you’ve ever said “now that would make a great name for a band” here is your chance!

Step 4: Sit Back and Watch the Magic

We’ve customized some pretty unique bands over the years; some have been one-time performances, but some have worked so well that they evolved and were added to our roster of most popular bands.  Here is a taste of some of the bands that we custom created only in this last year:

Blues Brothers Tribute performers

Blues Brothers Tribute Act

– Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band

– Alternative Bluegrass group

– Sexy Sax Man Act

– Amplifly Aerial Band

– “Summertime” beach band

– Custom Ceremony configurations (created around a list of hand-picked songs)

sax mike pic

– Marching Band for the Sundance Film Festival 

– Great Gatsby Band & floor show

– Oktoberfest German Duo

– Several custom variety bands

– etc. etc. etc.

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