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“They were phenomenal!” -Scott L., Everglades Country Club, Palm Beach, FL

DRIVE COUNTRY BAND is a high-energy, horse-powered, country and line dance band. As far as classic and contemporary western music goes, this crossover country band is the whole shebang. Boasting a barn-burning lineup of high caliber musicians and vocalists, Drive Country Band lives up to their name and drives the party home all night long. They keep the dance floor packed and even the old timers satisfied. Whether you’re a rhinestone cowboy or a bonafide city slicker, Drive is the perfect pick for your country western event.

WANT TO SEE THE BAND IN ACTION? For the perfect band for your western event, look no further than DRIVE COUNTRY BAND. Check out their demo video below:

Hire a Country Band in Utah

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: You better believe it’s a party when Drive is in the house. Our vocalists double as line dance instructors and teach all the current and classic dance floor favorites. Even if you’ve got two left feet, this band will get you up and going to Boot Scootin’ Boogie, Watermelon Crawl, and the Git Up. Before you know it, you’ll be line dancing with the best of them. Even if toe tapping in your seat is more your style, everyone enjoys watching the dance floor packed with willing participants during our line dance instruction to a live band. So, dust off those boots (or stilettos) and book Drive Country Band.

Mikelle Tuke teaches line dancing

THE WHOLE KIT AND CABOODLE: Want something more than strictly country for your event? Drive is a country crossover band and can spice up our set with dance floor favorites that include: Rock, Pop, and Current Top 40 dance music. The Drive vocalists and musicians are so versatile that they’ll tackle any genre just to keep the party going strong.

Country Corporate Event

ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Drive Country Band loves to hit the road and head to your neck of the woods for private events and corporate parties. While the bulk of our performances are in Utah and the Western United States, we have partners all over the country and come fully prepared to bring the country to your city. We pride ourselves on being a traveling band and can provide you with all-inclusive packages including lodging, band backline, and all on-the-road expenses. From Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to Whitefish, Montana or anywhere you hang your hat—kick up your feet and let us do the work. We’ll handle logistics and leave the partying to you.

Drive line dance crowd
Line dance instructors

DENIM AND DIAMONDS: Masters of tailoring to multiple event themes, we’ve ponied up for a private party in an airplane hangar in Victor, Idaho and traveled all the way to Napa Valley for a western wedding at the Rutherford Hill Winery. If it’s an upscale “Denim and Diamonds” affair in Grapevine, Texas, a down-home city celebration in Southern Utah, or ringing in the New Year at Niagara Falls, New York, we’re hankering for a good ole getaway right now. Give us a reason to get to you—our bags are packed. Book Drive Country Band for your destination wedding or event. 

Take a listen to some additional audio clips from the band:

MEET THE POSSE: This lineup is aces high—an all-star stampede of combined talent, from versatile vocals and stellar musicianship, Drive Country Band offers no shortage of on-stage energy at each and every event.

King of the Road / Mister Robbins –

We put the big guns front and center, featuring locked and loaded vocalist and cowboy boot aficionado, Jordan Robbins.  Ladies swoon when this thoroughbred sings as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey, and no one, nowhere, can hold a candle to his stage presence and down-home swagger.  

Jordan Robbins Country Singer
Rickae Robbins Country Singer

Fancy / Miss Rickae –

Only a Texas Rose like Miss Rickae will have everyone jumping on the line-dancing band wagon. As professional as she is persuasive, this seasoned dancer manages to lure even the left-footers onto the floor with her line-dancing ways. Fringed boots aside, it’s Rickae’s vocals that’ll melt all the cowboy’s hearts, and whether she’s crooning Blue Bayou, Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under, or Before He Cheats, she’ll have the whole crowd corralled.

Redneck Woman / Miss Jen

Alright, maybe she’s not a bonafide redneck, but Miss Jen will still have you at “howdy.” A honey with some harmonies, this party band and studio vocalist shines on both lead and backup vocals. Never one to shy away from line dance instruction courtesy of Miss Rickae, Jen will hit the dance floor along with the crowd during Boot Scootin’ to show you how it’s done.

Jen Tarasevich Country Singer
Danja Winborg country vocalist

Honkey Tonk Angel / Miss Danja

Slinging vocals sweeter than a San Antonio Rose while rallying the line dancers and corralling city slickers quicker than you can say, “Okie From Muskogee,” Miss Danja is every cowboys sweetheart and nobody’s fool.

Man in Black / Mister Greene

Guitar man, Mister Greene is worth the fuss, with decades of finger-snapping stage time and a repertoire wider than the Rocky Mountain range. This cowboy plays the guitar like his life depends on it, while simultaneously busting out stellar vocals, and if you’re real nice—maybe a mean harmonica solo for show.

Steve Tobian Vocals

Ghost Rider / Mister Tobian

This sixteen-tons-of-talent Drive vocalist will show up in boots and save your black-tie affair, driving home the mountain music and blowin’ off the barn roof to the tune of Chattahoochee. Never a dull moment or an empty dance floor when Mister Tobian takes the stage. 

The Gambler / Mister Mike

This bang up drummer and band Boss took a gamble on country with Drive, and years later, he still guarantees it’s a hog-killin’ time behind his drum kit. Both the glue and the glitter in his wide array of western headwear, he’s always playing to the gallery and gettin’ folks on the dance floor. And doesn’t this beat all—he also plays the saxophone and piano. Who says cowboys can’t be Renaissance men, too?

Drive Mike Tobian
Ben Johnson Bassist

Convoy / Mister Johnson –

Originally an East-coast city slicker, this bass man has converted to cowboy with Drive Country Band. Decades of playing in the pocket has provided Mister Johnson with an uncanny ability to make the rhythm section sound right as rain. Don’t let his poker face fool you—he’s having a helluva time behind that six-string.

LET’S GIVE EM’ SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: Take a gander at a few of our client reviews below.

“This review is for a “Double Barrel” super wedding weekend experience we had recently in Park City, Utah with Drive (for our rehearsal dinner) which was full of energy and just FANTASTIC at getting our guests (which ranged from 8 – 80 years old) up to dance and line dance all night! They kept the dance floor full, from start to finish! We would highly recommend Drive Country Band to anyone looking to have a great event! ” – Tom D

Drive delivers. Don’t think twice about hiring this band for your western-themed event. When it comes to a country party band, no other compares.” – Voodoo Productions

“Best country band EVER!” – Helene Briggert

DRIVE COUNTRY BAND: For more information about this country crossover band you can check out their website or contact us