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DJ Woodbury

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The equipment that Don uses as a disc jockey is top-of-the-line pro gear which includes a Pioneer MEP 7000 controller, MacBook Pro, Denon and Maers, JBL SR-Series speakers including sub and crossovers, JBL EON speakers, high-speed switching amps, and Shure wireless components. He also carries backup equipment so that if an element fails, the show will still go on! Like other DJ’s, Don could get by with spending far less money on downgraded gear, but Don says that he enjoys the music too much to avoid using top-quality tools and you will be able to hear the difference.

As a Disc Jockey, Don has mastered skills like beat mixing. This skill is an advanced disk jockey technique that allows music to flow from one song into another while maintaining the same tempo. This skill requires some specialized hardware and great timing on behalf of the DJ. As a result, crowds will experience increased excitement and enhanced guest involvement. This makes song “mash-ups” possible and easily achieved. When the crowd really wants to dance, it’s a great skill to have. Other technical skills that Don can use are transposing, scratching, phasing, chops, and echoes.

Don Woodbury has DJ’d over 1500 events in Utah such as weddings, corporate and private events, conventions, school/church dances, etc… He has even provided his DJ services at some of Utah’s more sophisticated events e.g., Robert Redford’s daughter’s wedding and an event entertaining over several thousand people in the Energy Solutions Arena. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with his services!

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