Silent DJ – Silent Disco

Silent DJ – Silent Disco

DJ Utah Silent

The newest national craze in events is the Silent Disco and Utah is no exception.  The premise behind the Silent DJ or Silent Disco is that everyone is rocking out to music… in complete silence.  With specialized headphones that all of your guests receive, they can listen to the DJ (or multiple DJ’s) mix it up and pump up the crowd.  As soon as you take those headphones off, you witness a sea of enthusiastic guests dancing to absolutely nothing 🙂 . Everyone has a blast at these silent raves.  Each headphone has 3 channels so you can literally have up to 3 separate DJ’s mixing at the same time and the audience can switch between each one with a flick of a button.

Take it a step further and you can have a silent band performance with a custom cover band play all electric instruments. Only the guests can hear it. This is also the perfect solution to resort hotels who have noise ordinances. There’s no reason your wedding or corporate party has to stop just because the 10:00 noise curfew comes around.

Our Silent DJ’s are also great for venues that don’t allow loud music (like aquariums, libraries, what have you)

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