Crooner Trios

Crooner Trios

We are pleased to offer a variety of crooner trios for background music. Some of these groups have limited availability on the busiest days of the year because they are made up of members of larger party bands and need to remain available for those commitments. Booking these groups on the same date as their respective party band is an economical way to maximize value for the entertainment at your event. If this situation applies, it will be noted below

Shaun Barrowes

Shaun Canon

Booked as a solo pianist/vocalist or in a small ensemble

Pop combo for hire


Instrumental Pop combo

Will and Dave

Solo vocals/guiar or accompanied by a Trumpet or in a small ensemble

Crazy Coyote cowboy band

Crazy Coyote Trio

Country and pop background music. Part of Jersey Street Band and Crazy Coyote Country Band. Guitarist also does solo guitar/vocals