Mimi Valentine and the Gentlemen’s Club

Mimi Valentine and the Gentlemen’s Club

Old fashioned jazz band utah

MIMI VALENTINE AND THE GENTLEMEN’S CLUB is a Jazz-age cover band that puts a Speakeasy-spin on modern dance hits, playing popular radio songs with their own signature vintage sound. These Post-Modern Jukebox-style musicians cover all the bases, boasting a repertoire of Pop, Rock, Motown, and Soul favorites—all with a timeless, throwback feel.  Talk about a throwback, Mimi Valentine and the Gentlemen’s Club throws it way back—to the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s era, hearkening back to a time when there was never a shortage of spirits and salacious jazz. You’ll hear Britney Spears done in a Cab Calloway style, T-Swift to the tune of vintage cabaret, along with Radiohead, Soundgarden, Gorillaz, White Stripes, Guns N’ Roses, Madonna, and more—all performed aces high, with an upright bass, brushes back on the drum kit, a melodic piano man, and a duo of dames behind vintage mics.

WANT TO SEE US STRUT OUR STUFF? For the perfect band for your Jazz Age event, look no further than Mimi Valentine and the Gentlemen’s Club. Check out their recent demo video below:

THE LOW DOWN:  Smiles for miles, more stage presence than you can shake a stick at, and always dressed to thrill, Mimi Valentine and The Gentlemen’s Club embodies the fashion, feel, and musicality of the Jazz Age. They don’t just sound the part, they look it. With a solid rhythm section, stellar vintage vocalists, and a rotating cast of featured guest performers, this band truly has something for everyone.

Check out the band’s songlist here

HIT THE ROAD JACK: Have band, will travel. These stray cats love to get around, so allow us to put together an all-inclusive travel package for you, including hotels, production, backline, and all other expenses. Whether you live in the Big Apple or left your heart in San Francisco, take a load off and leave the road trip logistics to us. Mimi Valentine and The Gentlemen’s Club Band will cater and croon to your crowd, no matter the distance or destination. Ask us for a quote and we’ll deliver the Jazz Age directly to your doorstep. What’re you waiting for? Our bags are packed.

Here are some audio clips of this awesome band!

CUSTOM BAND: Listen, Dapper Dan, you need a band that’s as tailored as your suit. Book the full six-piece band or for a sound that really sizzles, upgrade to an 8-9-piece band complete with a high-energy, top caliber horn section. To really make a grand entrance-style impression, bring our vintage tap and feather fan dancers to the stage or a full vaudevillian cast of characters. As Great Gatsby said, “I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy,” so whether it’s all-out-elaborate or classic intimacy you’re after, Mimi Valentine and The Gentlemen’s Club can accommodate.

Old fashioned vintage band

JAZZ AGE THEMED EVENTS: Put on your glad rags and bust out the bubbly because Mimi Valentine and The Gentlemen’s Club Band considers Jazz Age-themed events their absolute specialty. Whether it’s a Great Gatsby Gala, a Roaring 20’s corporate party, a Prohibition-era 30’s event, or a romantic vintage wedding, they’ve got you covered with music and—if it tickles your fancy—some additional vaudevillian talent to top it all off. This lineup can be upgraded to include a slew of sensational tap dancers, feather fan dancers, or even professional cabaret dancers to dazzle your dancefloor. So, if you’re looking for something with that unforgettable 40’s flair, you’ve come to the right gin joint. After all, as Gatsby said, “A little party never killed nobody.” So, in the spirit of champagne and stars, see to it that Mimi Valentine and the Gentlemen’s Club makes an appearance at your next indulgent affair.

Mimi Valentine Capitol Rotunda
Mimi Valentine and the Gentleman’s Club at the Utah State Capitol Building

WELCOME TO THE CLUB: In the Gentlemen’s Club they know the band falls flat without a canary behind the microphone, so they found two of the finest songbirds around: Miss Mimi Valentine and Miss Bearcat Mazuma. This duo of harmonic vocalists embodies the vintage style and sound of the jazz era, oozing poise and stage presence, plus just the proper amount of persuasion to get the crowd on the dance floor every single time. Nothing minus a knockout rhythm section, the gentlemen of the Gentlemen’s Club truly are the bee’s knees.  World-class musicians, one and all, these cats can really play—and play to the crowd is what they do best. Never a dull moment on stage, the entire lineup brings infectious energy and timeless talent to each event. Don’t forget to say hello after the show—Mimi and the band thinks meeting new friends is the absolute cats’ pajamas.

Mimi Valentine Hogle Zoo
Mimi Valentine Zoo Rendezvous

WHAT’S THE BIG HULLABALOO? Take a look at a couple of our client reviews below.

“ENERGY! This is the best word to describe when Mimi Valentine and The Gentlemen’s Club Band takes the stage. The room becomes alive and instantly connects everyone within hearing distance. Amazing and professional!” – C. Chuon

“Mimi Valentine and The Gentlemen’s Club always add layers of approachable sophistication and uncommon, gorgeous wonder to events. Five years ago, I didn’t imagine a world with music and events like they provide, and five years from now, I wouldn’t want to imagine a world without. Definitely recommend!” – D. Rasmussen

Mimi Valentine at Rice Eccles
Mimi Valentine at Rice Eccles Stadium

MIMI VALENTINE AND THE GENTLEMEN’S CLUB BAND: For more information about this versatile and vintage band, check out our website and contact us.