Get Started Planning your 2016 Holiday Party with these 5 Fantastic Theme Ideas

It’s the end of August. You haven’t even hung up your swim suit yet, but for those of you throwing a holiday party in 2016, now’s the time to start planning if you want to be able to book the best venues and best entertainment. To make your party pop, you’ll want to start with a great theme. Whether you’re planning a big corporate event or a smaller party for friends and family, here are some cool theme ideas to make your party one to remember.

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Give & Take

Want a theme idea for your holiday party that will please just about everybody? Try combining an indulgent party theme with a charitable giving approach. Best held at a larger venue, start by organizing a division in your party space. One section will be the “Giving” area and the other the “Take.”

In the Giving area, set up stations for party goers to participate in small service projects. These might include a space where people can compose and decorate cards to send to troops stationed overseas. (Check out the Operation Gratitude website to find out how to get the cards delivered.) Another station might feature toiletries and small gifts to be stuffed into stockings and donated to a local homeless shelter. You might also set up a holiday cookie decorating table where guests can make cookies to take home and deliver to their neighbors for a very personal kind of giving. (Be sure to provide packaging supplies such as festive boxes or paper plates and foil.)

The Take area is all about self-indulgence during the crazy holiday season. Set up a dance space with a great band to get your party-goers partying. You might include a few casino tables with the chance to win prizes. Of course, some tasty snacks and drinks are a must if you’re going for a really good time!

Time Travel for the Holidays

Holiday Party Ideas

One of the exciting trends in holiday parties over the past few years has been to turn to more interactive and less traditional events then in the past. Take you guests back in time to an era of fun with a Roaring Twenties Christmas party. This event is centered around the entertainment and so you’ll need to hire a great, traditional jazz band. You’ll want to find a band that specializes in the New Orleans or Chicago styles of jazz that flourished in this gilded age. To make the event even more fun, you can include some dancers and dance instruction to show your guests how they danced it up in the old days.

New-Fashioned Holiday Sing-Along

Utah Live Karaoke band

If you want a more traditional approach to your holiday event, then there’s nothing more old-school at Christmas then singing Christmas songs. But if this approach sounds a bit, well, boring then imagine this less as caroling at the neighbors front door and more like an American Idol Christmas. The secret to this party’s success is to hire a live karoke band to back up your guests as they belt their hearts out. The band works hard (and much better than a machine) as they provide cues and even sing back up to make each of your singing guests feel like a star. And what’s better than stars at Christmas?

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Summer Fun in December

It’s a time honored party trope to hold Christmas in July. So why not help your sick-of-winter-already guests out by throwing a summer beach party in December. Grab all that luau stuff from your party store now (while it’s on clearance) and get set with the tiki torches and grass skirts. Dancing at this party is a must and you’ll need a high energy band to help everyone shake off the winter blahs and get into the heat of faux-summer. Check out The Shrimp Shack Shooters:

Christmas Carnivale

If you want a family friendly event that will provide entertainment for all ages, then try a holiday event that’s themed around a carnival boardwalk. You’ll want to hire several different kinds of entertainers to walk your venue. You might have a snake charmer, aerialists or acrobats, fire eaters, and more. Carnival booths can provide treats and drinks. Don’t forget your main stage entertainment in all the fun. Make sure to book a band that will play music for your all-ages crowd. A great party or cover band should do the trick.