Line Dancing can Lift Your Event to the Next Level

In the 2011 remake of the classic dance movie Footloose, the characters go to a honky-tonk to do some country dancing. Pretty soon, the entire bar is dancing together in a complicated line dance that looks absolutely amazing. But if you ask me, it doesn’t really represent the spirit of line dancing. See, line dancing can be the most non-dancer dancing there is. And that’s what makes it the perfect entertainment for any kind of get-together.

Sure, a line dance can include tricky steps and professional dance moves, but the real point of a line dance is to get everyone out of their seats and on to their feet. Most of the time a line dance is just a series of simple steps repeated multiple times in different directions. So, even your most novice dancers can do it. It’s easy enough that even the most left footed of guests will want to join and fun enough that even Debbie Downer will turn her frown upside down.  And don’t forget how social line dancing can be. It’s the only kind of dancing around that doesn’t require a partner (or even a friend). You just find a spot in the line and join in!

Line Dance Crowd 4

Line Dance Instructors get the whole crowd on its feet at a corporate event with the band Drive.

But what if you don’t like country music? First, remember that country music has done a lot of evolving since the “hillbilly” days of Hank Williams and Kitty Wells. Contemporary country music includes a lot of pop and rock features that makes it more relatable to non-country fans. And don’t forget that Pop’s top Diva, Taylor Swift, actually started out as a country artist.

And line dancing doesn’t have to be done exclusively to country music. In fact, when line dancing was getting started back in the 1960s, dancers were performing to 1940s style big-band music. They didn’t call it line dancing back then, but it wasn’t until the 70s and 80s that line dancing really took off with disco group dances such as the Hustle or the Electric Slide.

If you want to try some line dancing with a flexible approach to your music, then check out our band Drive. Drive is a “line dance band.” What does that mean? In addition to being top-notch vocalists and musicians, they’re also professional line dance instructors. Drive specializes in playing high energy dance music with a country cross-over style. However, at your request they’ll mix the playlist up with some pop, rock, and top-40 hits. And if you’re not sure about the music, let Drive read the crowd. They’re experts at sizing up an audience and giving them the kind of music that will get them up and moving.

With Drive at your event, you’ll become a believer in the line dancing phenomenon. It will add another level of fun to your special day by involving all of your guests in a fun, social, and active entertainment. Check them out!