Throwing a Karaoke Party

Throwing a karaoke party can be one of the most entertaining or disappointing events you can possibly host. The most challenging part about inviting guests to a karaoke party is then getting them to sing. If no one sings its less of a karaoke party of an awkward, sit-around-and-stare-at-each-other party.

So, how do you get them to sing? Well, one of the easiest ways to promote karaoke is to refocus the party from the skill of the vocalist to the fun of performance. Make the microphone easily accessible so that people don’t have to climb an elaborate stage. If the microphone is hard to get to than it will probably extinguish the little courage they had to sing. Make the set up easy to understand and easy to use, for tips on stage set up or rentals click HERE.

If you want all of your guests to participate than you had better be sure to have a long song list with professional grade tracks. Let’s be honest, your guests probably aren’t going to sound just like the original artist but the more convincing they sound the more fun they will have. Aside from having high grade tracks you need to see that your list has a big enough variety that everyone can find something they want to sing. Include enough songs from each genre.

Perhaps the simplest way to draw your guests to the mic is to have a live karaoke band. Having a live band sets the scene for your attendees and creates the perfect atmosphere for people to expose their inner rock star. Another great thing about a live band is they can usually play any of your guest’s requests. Rather than be stuck with a specific list of songs, the band (if they are professional) can improvise to perform almost anything. A live band brings an energy that guests cannot resist!

For some of our local karaoke bands see TIYB – Karaoke Band and Utah Live Karaoke

Nikole Higgins, Communications Director,