Best Wedding Bands in Utah

Who Are the Best Wedding Bands in Utah?

Utah and surrounding states host some of the most spectacle destination weddings in the country. Brides & grooms come from all over the globe to tie-the-knot in Park City, Jackson Hole, Sundance, and other unique settings. If you’re an event planner in the area, you probably already know the best wedding bands in Utah–but for those of you researching, hopefully this list proves useful.

The Groove Merchants wedding band

You wouldn’t think that Utah would be hub for popular party bands, but some of our best Utah wedding bands are also some of America’s best wedding bands. There are many types of event bands in the state but most of these groups are variety bands that have large, diverse song lists. These are the ones that get everybody dancing. They can usually perform anything from top 40s to classic rock, motown, disco, country… you name it.

Probably the most popular Utah wedding band is the Groove Merchants band. Loved by brides and event planners alike, this band has huge energy, phenomenal vocalists, a large song list, and matchless experience. Along those same lines, the Salamanders band receive probably the best reviews of any event band in the country. Not only are they extremely talented & fun, clients love working with them.

The Dance Doctors band has a gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years. Their hip vibe grabs the attention of brides looking for a wedding band that’s a little more unique & laid back. The High Society band has also gained a lot of attention with their diverse performers and eclectic song selections. Seriously, check them out.

High-End Wedding Music Performers:

Other Unique bands:

Now that we’ve talked about some of the most popular party bands in Utah, we should mention some of the more unique wedding bands. A variety/party band is usually a good option for most events, but some people want something a little different. For example, the Drive Country Band is one of America’s best country/party bands. There are lots of great country artists out there, but Drive was produced specifically for private events. They perform the most popular country dance hits both modern and classic.

Even more unique is Mimi Valentine & the Gentlemen’s Club. Definitely not your typical Utah wedding band. They play a wide variety of music, but all of their songs have a vintage, old-timey style to them. They perform radio-hits in old styles like jazz, swing, do-wop, boogaloo, motown, etc. Is rock or 80’s music more your scene? Paradise City might be right up your alley. Specializing in 80’s pop and rock, they’ll bring an interesting flair to your reception.

Utah Live Bands has been managing Utah entertainment for over a decade and this is our list of the best wedding bands in Utah. There are definitely a lot of good ones out there. If you’re looking for something specific or unique, please contact us at 800 447 2576 and one of our agents can help point you in the right direction.