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Holiday Party 2016
August 19, 2016

Get Started Planning your 2016 Holiday Party with these 5 Fantastic Theme Ideas It's the end of August. You haven't even hung up your swim suit yet, but for those of you throwing a holiday party in 2016, now's the time to start planning if you want to be able to book the best venues and best entertainment. To make your party pop, you'll want to start with a great theme. Whether you're planning a big corporate event or a smaller party for...

Halloween Party Music | Songs for your Halloween Bash
February 4, 2015

It’s that magical time of year; where a prank, a costume, and eating pounds of sugar for every meal is completely acceptable. Some people plan for months on what their one-night alter ego is going to be. And what good is a secret identity if no one is around to admire it? It’s time to plan the annual “All Hallow Eve” party. A monster mash complete with food, games, and some killer music. When we have bands and DJ’s out for Halloween...