5 Blockbuster Themed Ideas for Your Next Event

blockbuster event

Tap into the buzz surrounding upcoming film releases to make your party a blockbuster hit.
No matter what kind of event you’re planning for 2017 you want the gathering to be both appealing and engaging. One of the easiest ways to add sparkle to your event is to tie your theme to a hot movie. Using a blockbuster film as a stepping off point for your theme allows your guests to bring some of t…

5 Event Planning Lessons from Oscars 2017

Oscar Lessons

5 Lessons on What to Do When Things Go Wrong at Your Big Event.
Did you see the Oscars this year? What a doozy! An entire awards show leading up to the moment when they announce the best picture of the year and then the biggest gaffe of all time–the presenters announce the wrong winner! It made for great television, but for all the people behind the scenes and the winners and losers involved it…

5 Tips for the Perfect Casino Night Fundraiser

Want a Fabulous Fundraiser that Pays Big? Try a Casino Night Fundraiser!
Bake sales, carnivals, and wrapping paper drives. What do all of these have in common? They’re some of the traditional ways that organizations try to fund their programs. But if you want a fabulous fundraiser that pays big, consider throwing a casino night fundraiser. A successful casino night isn’t something you can…

Creative Event Photography Ideas

event photography ideas

3 Creative Event Photography Ideas to Capture the Best Moments of Your Event

You’ve put a lot of planning, effort, and money into your big day. You’ve hired a band from Utah Live Bands, so we know you’re smart. Naturally, you’ll want to capture the best moments from your event. But that’s not always easy. If you’re feeling a little stuck, check out these creative event photography…

Up and Coming Artists 2014

up and coming musicians 2014

Music is always evolving and despite all of the horrible artists and derived songs there always seems to be a few flowers among the thorns. You would think that after so many centuries people wouldn’t be able to generate a new sound but somehow… they do. Lucky for us artists are born every day. Here are some artists that you should keep your eye on for the coming year. Whether or not they…

Wedding Trends


Weddings are one of the most celebrated and exciting moments in anyones life.  To the bride, groom, family and friends, a wedding will last a lifetime in memory and in the current age it will last in photos as well.  To be sure that a wedding is everything you plan on it being you have searched high and low for tips and ideas. This is a compilation of this years latest trends for 2014,…

Best Party Songs of 2014

Best Party Songs 2014


Songs are a necessary component of any good party but if you want to encourage a raging dance party than you should be meticulous with what you put in your playlist. It doesn’t matter what event you are hosting this year, if you plan on having a dance floor than you had better include some of these premiere songs for 2014.  You can hire a band to perform these awesome tunes or…

Famous Musicians From Utah

Famous Musicians From Utah


Every state in the U.S. is filled with people who are extremely talented.   In the last decade however, Utah has been the birth place for several musicians that have made it into the big leagues.  Maybe it’s the water, maybe it’s the Mormons, no matter what it is we are glad it’s happening and pleased to have so many celebrities declare Utah as their origin.  Here is a…

Why is Happy Addictive?


The song Happy by Pharrell Williams has sold more than 650,000 copies, it is played on radio stations internationally on a regular basis and Pharrells many music videos based around this song have captured more than 160,000,000 views.  Happy has surpassed genre and generation by making fans out of a multitude of media listeners.  It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of music you…

Trends for Corporate Events in 2014



Paper registration is a tried and true way of logging event registry but its time has come and gone.  The digital age is here and with it comes a faster, easier, and more eco-friendly form of checking in.  With digital registration on a computer or tablet there are no more missing or misspelled names.  This will not only make the guests happy but will also take a…

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