3 Creative Event Photography Ideas to Capture the Best Moments of Your Event

You’ve put a lot of planning, effort, and money into your big day. You’ve hired a band from Utah Live Bands, so we know you’re smart. Naturally, you’ll want to capture the best moments from your event. But that’s not always easy. If you’re feeling a little stuck, check out these creative event photography ideas. By using some of these ideas (or all of them) as part of your photography plan, you’ll capture the best moments of your event in some exciting ways.

Facebook Live

You’re probably on Facebook and your friends and followers are too. Facebook’s Live feature allows you to turn your phone (or a trusted friend’s) into a streaming platform to beam the event to friends or followers who can’t be there on the big day. A broadcast notification can be sent out to your friends allowing them to watch the event live. You can keep broadcasting live for up to 90 minutes and there are even ways to block certain users if you need to. Best of all, when you click Finish the video is posted as a permanent fixture on your timeline. So feel free to go back and rewatch it as many times as you want. (We promise we won’t tell.) With Facebook Live, you can make sure that even far away friends and followers can enjoy your day.

Drone Photography

If you want to feel like a movie star, then you’ll want to capture the highlights of your event from the heights. Consider hiring an aerial photographer (basically a professional who can operate a drone with a camera attached) to bring a true cinematic flavor to the memories of your big day. Check out this aerial footage taken of The Salamanders at a recent gig to give you an idea of how spectacular aerial photography can be.

Hashtag It

Let’s face it. The photographer you hired isn’t going to be the only one taking great shots of your event. These days each of your guests will have a camera and will be snapping away. Take advantage of this candid camera bonanza and have your guests tag their photos with a hashtag specifically created for your event. (Make sure that the hashtag you create hasn’t been used already or you’ll wind up with other people’s pictures.) Post some signage around the venue letting everyone know how to tag their photos. Finally, collect all of your photos to your Dropbox account using an IFTTT recipe.

Event Photography Ideas using Hashtags
Post some signage around your location inviting guests to hashtag their photos of your event.