Weddings are one of the most celebrated and exciting moments in anyone’s life.  To the bride, groom, family and friends, a wedding will last a lifetime in memory and in the current age it will last in photos as well.  To be sure that a wedding is everything you plan on it being you have searched high and low for tips and ideas. This is a compilation of this years latest trends for 2014, hopefully it will aid you in your search for inspiration.

First things first, the DRESS!  The evolution of the dress has come full circle with some of the latest trends leaning toward vintage of the lacey, cream-colored, persuasion.

The dresses for 2014 are also becoming more fitted with a tendency to have a dropped back and lace not only on the sleeves but in various places like the collar, chest, shoulder blades, and spine.  Although the trend of lace started with last years dresses, it has evolved into a modern take on an old-fashioned accessory.  The lace patterns themselves are more glamorous and are often have beading or stones worked into the materials.  Along with more complex and progressive patterns, the materials are changing as well.  The materials for the dress itself still vary greatly from dress to dress but the fitted style is most popular within the silky and lacey textiles.

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The cake!  After you have picked out your dress its time to personalize the tastiest part of your wedding.  As you may notice, the cakes below are patterned differently but many of them have a recurring theme… PINK.  Pink is not only popular within the cake themes it is also one of the most popular color schemes for weddings this year (just so you know).

Aside from pink being pink, these cakes also have the common theme of ruffles.   Ruffles and flowers are “in” as they say.  Rather than covering a cake in patterns and various decorations as was once the trend, the new decorating movement focuses on the simple and textured.  This type of ruffling has also changed the taste and structure of wedding cakes as many of them are now being covered with buttercream rather than fondant.  In my opinion this is a great change because fondant to me tastes and feels like ancient marshmallows.

The top cake artist in Utah? Cake. by Alessandra(Opens in a new browser tab)

Decorations for this year are sticking to the rustic as they did last year but flowers and candles have become the new accent of choice.  Flowers have always been a staple at weddings but the amount of garland and flora at weddings is increasing vastly.  Rather than having flowers present in the bouquets and centerpieces they have become the primary element for decorating. 

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Hair for the bride!  The last touch to finish an amazing wedding is the brides hair do.  There are a lot of hair styles revolving around the internet and but there seems to be a few common style that are underlying most of hair styles you will see.  Three words can sum up the majority of hair: waves, braids, buns.  There are a variety of wavy hair styles, braided up-dos, and sleek buns.  Below is a collection of my favorites.

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