Music is always evolving and despite all of the horrible artists and derived songs there always seems to be a few flowers among the thorns. You would think that after so many centuries people wouldn’t be able to generate a new sound but somehow… they do. Lucky for us artists are born every day. Here are some artists that you should keep your eye on for the coming year. Whether or not they will “make it” is for time to decide but you should be indulging in their music anyway.

Siblings Georgia and Caleb Nott won a local talent show in hometown of Nelson, New Zealand and have been on the rise ever since. Keep an eye of these Kiwis.

Ella Eyre
Ella is a singer from London who has been introduced to the music scene through several collaborations. Now that she’s on her own as of March 2014 she is making her own mark.

Here is another artist from down south. Kimbra comes to the industry with influences ranging from jazz and R&B all the way to electro. You may recognize her from the music video “Somebody that you used to know” by Gotye.

Sam Smith
Another Londoner that is turning heads is singer Sam Smith. Sam has released acoustic and pop performances showing his versatility and vocal power. (WARNING! This song is amazing but the video does have some graphic content, watch at your own discretion)

Taylor McFerrin
Taylor is the whole package with background in producing and composing. As a performer he excels as both a pianist and a DJ. In case you didnt catch the name, he is in fact Bobby McFerrins son.

With indie and electro-soul bases Lo-Fang has made himself popular among music fans and artists alike.

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–Nikole Higgins, Communications Director,