Paper registration is a tried and true way of logging event registry but its time has come and gone.  The digital age is here and with it comes a faster, easier, and more eco-friendly form of checking in.  With digital registration on a computer or tablet there are no more missing or misspelled names.  This will not only make the guests happy but will also take a huge burden off of event planners. Electronic lists are easy to update and can be transferred with nothing more than a click making them easy to share and edit.

Party Technology

Use those hashtags! When you are planning your party be sure to add a hashtag title with it, this way your event goers can share all of their pictures, and comments across several platforms of social media. When you event has a hashtag attached to it you can view all the great perspectives and fun with one easy and accessible code. #utahlivebands #hashtagfun #liveentertainment #thebestinutah #socialmediasavvy #seehoweasy?

Food & Beverages

Many companies are offering healthier choices for meals and drinks.  There has been a push in recent years for healthier lifestyles which includes the things people are putting in their mouths.  It’s important to make a variety of options available and of course have some sweet snacks and desserts available for those who want a little indulgence.  Another thing to keep in mind is that more and more people are eating vegan, gluten-free, or organic.  These types of meals are not difficult to plan for if you have an experienced caterer.  Other inspirations for snacks and desserts are to make everything mini!  This way you can offer treats in a finger-food styles that allows guests to continue partying while they munch on their delectable pleasures.  Rather than serve a sit-down crème brulee in large plate sized portions they can be in tart form.  Macaroons and shot glass desserts are another popular alternative. No matter what you’re serving, liven it up with our flair bartenders.


led performers


If you are hosting a larger event you may want to book “flash entertainers”.  These are quick forms of entertainment that will keep the crowd surprised and on their toes.  It is best to have a house band that can make announcement, play for the dance party and keep things moving but having one or two additional “roaming performers” will really shake things up.  For something more permanent and mystic you can hire aerialists but if you want to hire something in the “flash” spectrum there are many options: flare bartenders, LED performers, jugglers, stilt walkers, fire artists, for a whole list of options CLICK HERE. 

What trends are you seeing? Post in the comment section below.

–Nikole Higgins, Communication Director,