5 Blockbuster Themed Ideas for Your Next Event

Tap into the buzz surrounding upcoming film releases to make your party a blockbuster hit.

No matter what kind of event you’re planning for 2017 you want the gathering to be both appealing and engaging. One of the easiest ways to add sparkle to your event is to tie your theme to a hot movie. Using a blockbuster film as a stepping off point for your theme allows your guests to bring some of the magic of the movies into their everyday lives. Choosing the right movie is key and will depend on your goals for the event. Here are five of the most anticipated movies of 2017 and some ideas for how you can use them to energize your party.

Beauty and the Beast (Release Date – 3/17)

Last weekend’s release of Beauty and the Beast is setting records and bringing the classic tale of romance back to center stage. With it’s period setting and elegant costumes this film is sure to be the inspiration behind many a theme for weddings, engagement parties, and even campus celebrations. Luxurious fabrics, roses, and gilded accessories (such as clocks, tea pots, candelabra, etc.) used as decorating items will help pull the blockbuster feeling into your event. You’ll also want music that adds to your romantic mood. To go strictly fairy-tale, you should hire a classical quartet to provide string music. However, if dancing is what you want this event to be about, then you’ll want to hire a vocalist who can croon the heck out of “Tale as Old as Time” and keep your guests grooving to some faster paced, fun music. We recommend the Groove Merchants.

Baywatch (Release Date – May 26)

An over-the-top, campy, beach movie may be just what your engagement party or collegiate event needs to create a fun day-at-the-beach theme. Memorial Day’s upcoming release of a Baywatch revamp can serve as the inspiration you need to make your event a summer sensation. Bold colors, life guard signs, and flip flops required will add some sizzle to the heat of your event. And this kind of event lends itself to one of the huge event trends of 2017–exceptional and unique entertainment. Utah Live Bands has some of the best event entertainment available including flair bartenders, roaming performers, realistic dinosaurs, and magicians. Combining a high energy party band with fire eaters will help keep the mood of the party upbeat and scorching hot.

Star Wars: Episode VIII (Release Date – December 15)

The Star Wars franchise continues to be one of the most exciting film series ever. Last year’s Rogue One was a run-away hit and the upcoming release of The Last Jedi (the eighth episode in the original story) is set to release at the end of the year.  While The Last Jedi movie release is sure to be a party worthy event, you can still bring this theme to your summer, fall, or winter conference. Led light strings, Jedi Robes, and light sabers will give your party a “universe far-far away vibe.” Working as both decoration and entertainment, our Cantina Band can provide a real bang for your buck. They’ll enchant your guests with Star Wars themes played straight and with a twist. (Ever heard the RebelFanfare as a cha cha cha?  Or how about the Imperial March as a waltz?)  But don’t worry, they can also play popular songs and melodies in a cantina band style.

Super Hero Movies

The Super Hero trend in movies is still going strong and 2017 promises some great new releases including a Wonder Woman (June 2) movie, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (May 5), a new Thor movie (November 3), and don’t forget the lovable Captain Underpants (June 2).  Most corporate events want to celebrate either their customers or their employees and tying that to a super hero theme just makes sense. If you want to make this an upscale corporate party (as opposed  to a kid’s birthday party), keep away from cartoony splashes of colors and guests dressing up–save the costumes for your servers and entertainment. Light the event with colored bulbs in primary colors to create a graphic, moody look. Use comic book illustration (or styled images) to decorate your walls and tables. Adding a super powered party band will be all you need to make your next event a real smash.

Dark Tower (Release Date – July 28)

If you’re not familiar with Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, you will be soon. Poised to be 2017’s Game of Thrones (although it’s a feature film and not TV) this gunslinger/fantasy mix stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in the lead rolls. Take advantage of the film’s mash up of the Wild West with some alternate reality science fiction, to create an energized and dramatic theme for your party. Drive party band can create that wild west flavor you’ll crave and provide some line dance instruction while they’re at it. Or if you want to go more for the alternate reality vibe, then check out our mind-bending aerial band, Amplify.

Whatever theme you choose for your event, Utah Live Bands has the event planning experience to make it a blockbuster. Contact us today to find out how we can make your next event a true hit.