Vendor Spotlight – Zermatt Resort

Our vendor spotlight this week is a mountain resort in Midway, Utah.  Nestled in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, the Swiss styled resort evokes old world charm at every turn.  With almost 300 guests rooms, 65,000 square feet of meeting and performance space, and activities like a giant chess set and a European carousel, it’s a great spot for an event of any sort.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Zermatt Resort.

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Adam: Hi James, thanks for joining me today.

James: Our pleasure, thank you for being here.

Adam: We’re happy to be here. I’ve always loved working at Zermatt, partly because you guys have such a wide variety of stuff that you offer.  Can you tell me some about that?

James: Yeah, I mean we essentially cater to everyone.  It’s a lot of group business but it’s also a lot of families coming up. It’s essentially the destination – it’s a lot of adventure, I call it an “adventure mecca” if you will.  There’s just a little bit of something for everybody.  Whether it’s on property or just in the surrounding area in the beautiful Heber Valley.

Adam: I totally agree, and not just for families looking to get away but corporate events and weddings.  I know that I’ve done events here on the back lawn, I’ve done events here in The Matterhorn, I’ve done events here in the larger event center.  Tell me about some of the different spaces you’ve got here and the types of events you guys are commonly holding?

James: It’s very unique in the sense that we are a full service conference center, and you’re not going to find a conference center in the Wasatch back.  We have 23 meeting rooms, we offer 65,000 square feet of flexible indoor / outdoor meeting space.  Our largest unit is our Bernese Center, it’s about 12,000 square feet, in there we can do about 500 – 1000 people depending on what you do. So we can have our bigger concerts in there, but then we have an outdoor space where we do a lot of outside concerts.  But we also have a lot of breakout space and that’s what really sets us apart.  In general we’ve thrived in the corporate business but it’s been changing.  We’ve got a lot of families coming up right now and that’s been great.  We provide a lot of unique opportunities for everyone that comes up.

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Adam: Totally, we’ve experienced that also. I’ve had even in the same day where we have done a concert in one part of Zermatt, and done a corporate party in another part of Zermatt or something like that. 

James: Yeah, when things are rocking on property you’ll have a wedding in one room, you’ve got a concert outside, you’ve got something happening on the patio, we have two restaurants, a bakery, so it’s a big property and there’s always a lot to do and a lot of things going on.  It’s nice to be busy!

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Adam: Well that’s great, and we look forward to a very busy year coming up here, we hope that we get to be up here often. 

James: Yeah we’re all hoping we can get back to normal!

Adam: Thanks very much for joining me.

James: Yeah you bet.

Adam: And thanks for watching out Vendor Spotlight of the week.

James: Thank you so much.

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