Vendor Spotlight – Heather Nan Photography

I’m visiting with someone today whose photography has been published in the New York Times, Kinfolk Magazine, Inside Weddings, Dear Gray Magazine, Rocky Mountain Bride, Once Wed, Style Me Pretty, Carats and Cake, and many other major wedding blogs in the United States.  And she has photographed over 200 weddings.  We are here at The Montage Deer Valley with Utah Live Bands’ Vendor Spotlight of the Week, Heather Nan Photography.

Adam: Hi Heather, thanks for joining me today!

Heather: No problem.

Adam: So we were talking a little bit about photography beforehand and I asked you why somebody should hire you versus any other photographer?  There are lots of great photographers out there, what do you bring to the table?

Heather: Well goodness I don’t know what I bring exactly but I do know that it’s important for a photographer to be able to have connection with their clients. So when anyone’s coming to me and asking me about why they should choose me or why they should choose somebody else I do really encourage people to connect with the work as well as with the person.  Because as the photographer you’re spending just as much time with us on the wedding day as you are with your spouse. 

Adam: In fact sometimes more.

Heather: Yes definitely.

Adam: I think that’s one of the big things that people do not realize about wedding photographers is they are the first ones to show up, the last ones to leave, and they are directing traffic the entire time in between.  “Now we need all the girls, now we need all the guys, now you’re supposed to go over here, now you have to wait in your room.” It’s a long day for you guys.

Heather: For sure.  

Adam: Making sure you get along is super important.  And making sure that the styles line up some.  What would you say your style as a photographer is?

Heather: Well I shoot both film and digital. Film just by nature tends to lean itself to be a little bit more light and airy, but I’m a self proclaimed lover of the light and the dark. I do love a moody look, which film can deliver as well, but in the wedding world I feel like film in general leans itself more to a light and airy point of view.  I also shoot a little bit more of an editorial side of things when it comes to directing my clients, but I also want it to be natural at the same time.  So when it comes to working with my clients I look at it as a collaboration and I feel like I bring my experience and my style to the table, as well as they bring their experience and their style.  My end goal is to bring our styles together in a collaboration so the work represents them as a couple and me stylistically.  

Adam: I love that and I love film photography, it’s one of the reasons I really love your photography and I’m glad you were able to join us here today.

Heather: Aw thanks, yes for sure.

Adam: And thanks everybody for joining our vendor spotlight of the week, Heather Nan.

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