Vendor Spotlight – Lux Catering and Events

This week we’re spotlighting a Salt Lake company that is obsessed with innovation and pushing boundaries.  They gained their stellar reputation as a leading Utah caterer through passion for creating exceptional events and memorable experiences.  Their name truly says it all.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Lux Catering and Events.

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Jefferson: Sarah it’s so nice to be with you here today, thank you so much for having us.  We love your company, we love working with you.  I wanted to ask you a couple questions.  One of the things about our two companies that’s really similar is we both really have a lot of experience in multiple aspects of the entertainment industry.  Can you tell us a little bit about Lux, who you guys are and what you do?  

Sarah: Yeah, Lux is a catering and events company.  We have been around since 1995, so 26 years now!  We do as little as just catering or as much as catering, bar service, linens, rentals, florals, cakes – the list goes on.  We can do as much or as little for our clients as they’re looking for.

Jefferson: Wow, that’s great, it’s always nice to have a one stop shop.  Another thing that I wanted to ask – Lux is known for being really, really innovative, and with the pandemic, and obviously things being different this particular year and moving on in the near future, what are some things that Lux has done to pivot with the pandemic and keep their events safe?

Sarah: Keeping our staff and keeping our clients safe is something that is very, very important to us.  Within our building we have our staff doing temperature checks daily, everybody wears face coverings, we sanitize high touch areas frequently, and the same thing translates to events.  When our staff are on events they wear face coverings as well as face shields, we change our gloves and wash our hands every thirty minutes, if we have a buffet we have our staff behind it so that the guests aren’t touching the same serve-wear multiple times, that cuts down on multi-touch surfaces.  We also do individually packaged meals frequently and we try to maintain social distancing throughout the event. So we are there to kindof partner with our clients and come up with innovative ideas to make sure that their guests are still able to enjoy themselves, but also be safe.

Jefferson: Wow, it’s so important to be safe, especially right now.  Well I’ve got to say, we are always excited when we’re on an event with you guys. We love what you do, and we love the amount of presence that you have in the entertainment and event community, it’s something we really appreciate about you guys.  Thank you guys so much for watching this week’s vendor spotlight – Lux Catering and Events.

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