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Today we are spotlighting a friend of ours whose company’s focus is on event planning, decor, travel arrangements, and florals.  Tonya started her company in 2012 with a goal to provide the best quality service with the highest level of integrity for each event.  Today’s spotlight is Hoopes Events.

Mike: Tonya thanks so much for meeting with me today and for showing me around this event that you’re setting up for.  Last week was Thanksgiving and we are grateful to have worked with you over the years so much on so many events.  Tell me about your planning style and what your vision is for events.  

Tonya: Yes our planning style really is to collaborate with the couple and figure out what their style is.  So that way we’re taking their unique style into the event.  Like this event that we’re at right now, she really wanted very simple but she wanted a touch of something unique which was oranges.  So you’ll see oranges kindof spread throughout the room.

Mike: I do see that, they’re dried and that looks really cool.

Tonya: Yeah they’re dried.  So what we try to do is find out something unique about the client and give them that special touch.  Also we like to say we’re not divas, we like to definitely make sure it’s what the client wants, not what we want.  Sometimes you can get caught up in visions of grandeur, we want every wedding to be grand but what they expect to be grand.

Mike: So you probably do a lot of listening to them and really try to figure out exactly what they’re looking for.

Tonya: Yes exactly.

Mike: Why should somebody hire an event planner?  What is that you bring to the event?

Tonya: A couple of different things.  First off, before the spec, we know the planning timelines, we know when you need to hire your band to get the band that you want, when you need to hire your photographer to get the one in the style you want.  We know how to work on the contracts, so sometimes we can see things and say “this is negotiable, this is not negotiable.”  So we can really help someone to understand what to look for. Then the day of I would absolutely say a planner is priceless because you want to enjoy your guests, you want to enjoy your party, you want your guests to enjoy, you don’t want to be worried when you find out like a finger went through the cake.  You want your planner to know that and to fix that and you’ve never even known about it.  I joke with clients when they meet with me that things will happen at your wedding that you might not ever know about unless a year down the road and we’re still friends and I make a comment like “oh by the way, did you know this happened at your wedding?”

“Did you know something lit on fire???”

Yeah we don’t want the bride and groom or the couple stressed so we definitely, I mean that’s the best reason why you would hire a planner.

Oh yeah, I’m totally in agreement, makes total sense!  We’re so glad to always work with you whenever we get a chance and thanks so much for taking a minute with me today, I know you’re busy setting up.  And thanks for joining our vendor spotlight this week.

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