Vendor Spotlight – Alpine Event Co

Our spotlight today is rapidly becoming the ultimate source for creating weddings, parties, and corporate events.  Not just for basics like tables and chairs, but for every item you need to make your event unique and personal.  We are visiting them today at the 4U Ranch in Peoa, Utah as they have been involved in a stylized photo shoot.  Our spotlight today is Alpine Event Co.

Adam: Hayley, thanks for joining us today.

Hayley: Yeah of course, happy to be here.

Adam: You guys do events all over Utah and the Western United States. That means you do events at venues of all shapes and sizes, some of which are going to have equipment, some of which aren’t.  Why should somebody rent their stuff through you guys?

Hayley: That is a great question.  A lot of times people book a venue because they love the style of that venue and they don’t always know if it comes with tables or chairs or some decor or nothing at all.  So we are really there to help supplement that for you.  If your venue is just bare bones and nothing is there, come to us and tell us what your style is and we’ll just fill it with whatever you want and whatever fits your style perfectly.  If you have tables and chairs and just want us to supplement some decor we’ll also do that.  We just want to make your day perfectly tailored to your style.  

Adam: That’s great, so it’s not just about having basic equipment. It’s also about making sure that the style, the image, all of the details fit the unique event that you’re working on.

Hayley: Exactly, yeah.

Adam: That’s great.  You got new owners, about three years ago, right?

Hayley: Mm hm.

Adam: You guys have an acronym, a company motto that you were telling me about before we started this.  What is it?  Tell us about it please.

Hayley: Our company motto is P.E.A.K., and it’s an acronym.  P stands for product, we want to have all of the best product all of the time.  If you want something and we don’t have it, we’re going to find a way to build it for you, find it somewhere else, make sure that you have exactly what you want.  E is experience, we want your experience to be perfect.  From the moment you come you call in to when we’re cleaning up our stuff after your event, we want you to be so happy and for everything to be perfect.  A is accessibility, you can reach me or any of our other coordinators any time.  Just call us if anything is wrong and we want to be there to help you and be as accessible as possible.  And then the last one, K is for Karat.  What is that extra sparkle we can put on your event?  Anything special to make it that much more unique and perfect for you.

Adam: That’s awesome, and I love that you mentioned creating things because you guys don’t just already own a bunch of stuff.  I know that if you can’t find what you need you will actually make it in house.

Hayley: Yeah, we do have a wood shop and a workshop and we will build something for you.  If that’s what you really want we will find a way to build it and make it so that it’s perfect.

Adam: That’s very impressive.  Thanks very much for joining us and thanks everybody for joining our Utah Live Band’s Vendor Spotlight of the Week.

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