Vendor Spotlight – Rachael Ellen Events

Well, I was at the River Bottoms Ranch today in Midway, Utah, but if it were any other day I might be in France or some other faraway place.  Because this week we are featuring a wedding planner that frequently plans and executes weddings all over the world.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Rachael Ellen Events.

Hi Rachael, how are you?

Great, how are you?

I am excellent.  Thanks so much for taking a couple seconds with us here, I know you’ve got an event to get going to.  I just wanted to ask a couple questions.  You are unique in that you provide a lot of services in house.  Tell me about that, what are some of the things that you do within your event planning company that you don’t hire out?

Sure, so we are considered to be a full service planning company.  And what that means is in terms of the planning and logistics we handle everything: coordination, planning, execution, everything like that. Everything that needs to be planned in order to pull off these large scale events that we do.  On top of that we also handle all of the visual elements, and so that’s the design, the decor, we actually do all of the floral in house as well. So we keep all of the design and the planning under one umbrella so that we’re in control and making sure that everything is happening how it needs to be from a logistics perspective and also how it needs to be from a visual design standpoint.

Oh cool.  So our companies are kindof similar in that we happen to be located in Utah but we both do a ton of international weddings. I mean we always find ourselves in Europe and South America and places like that.  How many weddings are you doing in Utah vs outside of Utah and what are some of your favorite places to plan a wedding?

Sure, I mean we love destination weddings, no matter where they are, and that’s really what we specialize in.  Whether it’s couples coming from out of town to have a wedding in Utah, Park City, something like that that’s a destination, or anywhere all over the world.  We definitely do a lot of work in Europe, France is our favorite, I just have a soft spot for France.  So we love working in France, but we also love being here in the mountains.  So I think it’s not quite 50/50 in terms of Utah vs other places, probably more like 30%-40% Utah and then everything else all over the world.

Gosh, do you take your team everywhere you go or do you work with more local vendors in some of these more remote places?

It sortof depends on the location.  In France obviously we’re going to use a French caterer and things like that.

Yes of course.

Sometimes we’ll bring photographers over.  And then my whole core team will travel with us wherever we’re having it.

Ok I’ll let you get back to your event.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for having a little interview with us, and thanks for visiting our vendor spotlight this week.

Thank you.

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