Unless you have been living in the most desolate of places it could not have escaped your observation that rap artists Macklemore has been getting more than a little attention.  However, its not just Macklemores music that is gaining popularity, his hair is also causing quite the revolution of its own.  So what exactly is this haircut called anyway?  Most people just call it the “Macklemore” but it is technically a type of Pompadour.  This style got its name from King Louis the XV’s mistress in fact, Madame de Pompadour.  She wore her hair in this fashion which made it famous/distinguished and authored its name.  You could say the do has come a long way from a mistress’s head to virtually every celebrity in 2014 both male and female.

Some of the celebrities that are wearing this look include…

Justin Timberlake,                                                                                                      Rihanna


David Beckham,                                                                                                   That one chick


 Jerry Seinfeld

 (okay fine, this one is photo shopped but Jerry’s lookin’ good, no?)

Brad Pitt

And even our very own Micheal and Stephen Tobian (Administrators of Utah Live Bands and Dance Bands)

mike macklemore hair

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–Nikole Higgins, Communication Director, Nikole@utahliveband.com