Are you in the 99% of wedding budgets?  Here is the reality…. so is 99% of everyone else.  Most people are trying to pull off a great wedding with a small amount of cash.  Here are 3 ways you can still have great wedding music on a small budget:

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1- Rent an MP3 docking station – Why pay big bucks for an expensive DJ when she probably won’t even play the music you want anyway.  Renting a sound system can be the best of both worlds.  Utah Live Bands offers an inexpensive package that comes with a professional PA system, MP3 dock, a technician to run it and make sure the volume is at the appropriate level and a microphone for announcements. You just bring the music…. Say What?!?… That’s right, just make a play list of your favorite songs on an MP3 player and we will do the rest.  Sure beats a lame boom box in the corner of the room and the price won’t break your back.

2- Hire a jazz combo – This is the least expensive way to have live music at your wedding.  A jazz combo can play soft background music and when it is time for dancing can kick it up and play swing and jazz dance music.  You probably won’t hear any Lady Gaga but this can be a fraction of the cost of a cover band.

3- Work with the right agent – By working with an experienced booking agent at Utah Live Bands, an inexpensive live band is just a conversation away.  There are some mediocre bands out there but we don’t work with any of them.  We can usually figure out a way to get the price down on a great band to match your budget by making the band size smaller, cutting the time commitment down, reducing down time, using a less expensive group of musicians or band subs, holding your wedding on a less-than-prime day etc.  Be open with your agent about your budget constraints and it might just save you some money.

Wedding budgets can be a killer.  We are here to help.  Call us!

This Article was written by Michael Tobian, Owner of Utah Live Bands.  Utah Live Bands is a multiple year winner of the Prestigious Utah Best of State award and is the premier source for wedding entertainment in the state. Want more wedding tips? Try our article 3 ways to ruin the dancing at your wedding.