You have hired the band and are ready to go.  Now it is time to not screw it up.  Here are the 3 most common ways brides (and grooms) make things worse for themselves at their own wedding party.

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1- Micro-manage the band: When hiring a professional wedding band, this is probably the most common mistake brides make.  Professional bands are really good at reading the crowd, playing the right kind of music and letting things flow just right.  Brides are usually not.  Input and requests from the bride are good but listen to the band when they have suggestions or when they explain how some songs or ideas might not work very well.  A good band will have lots of experience to come from.

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2- Don’t give the band enough space:  Another common mistake.  When the band can’t move and shake it on stage, how are they going to get the crowd going?  The band will tell you just how much space they need.  Have your event coordinator discuss with the band leader or booking agent the best layout for things to ensure the best dancing flow.

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3- Don’t give the band enough power:  This mistake happens from time to time and when a circuit breaker blows you may be left in silence for a while.  The band can tell you how much power they need.  Usually between 2 and 6 circuit breakers depending on the band and their setup.  Hotels and venues are used to this.  Just make sure you communicate it to them.  Music and lights can take a lot of electricity.

“Can your groups learn new songs / song requests?” Yes they can!

Follow these and you might just avoid a train wreck at your wedding celebration.  Happy dancing!

This article was written by Michael Tobian, owner of Utah Live Bands, LLC.  Utah Live Bands is a multiple year winner of the Utah Best of State Award and owns and manages some of the best bands in the country.