60 Second Answers – Can your groups learn new songs?

Absolutely, just be sure to give them lots of time to learn the song. Live musicians will need to learn the song in advance, and some groups may even need to purchase or create their own arrangements before performing them live. We usually ask for 30 days notice on specific song requests, though we will always do our best to accommodate requests, even on the spot.

A DJ can often take requests on the spot, but they will greatly appreciate knowing your requests in advance. And if you’re in a place without an internet connection they will be limited to what they already have with them anyway.

The other thing to communicate with the musicians or DJ is if the songs are supposed to happen at a particular time or in a particular order so they can make sure to have them ready.

If you have lots of requests the group may charge an additional fee for learning lots of new music, but if you have lots and lots of requests you may picked a group that doesn’t fit you to begin with, so be sure to look over their song list before you book.

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