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Trust the Experts

Having a Great Event is as Simple as Trusting the Experts – Your Band!
It’s your day. You’ve put a lot of planning into your special event. You’ve spent a lot of money to make sure it goes perfectly. One of the ways to make sure that your entertainment goes off without a hitch is to trust the experts–your band.

Imagine walking into your mechanic’s shop and telling the repairman…

Salamanders Rock the 4th

Salamanders Rock the 4th

The Salamanders Rock the 4th for a Crowd of Thousands
Sandy City put on a spectacular 4th of July bash this year–and up front and center stage at this public event was our popular party band, the Salamanders. The Salamanders have now hosted this Independence Day concert five times!

A crowd of thousands filled the park at the South Towne Promenade to watch the Salamanders perform on t…

Casino Party

Try a casino party! This time of year corporate planners are looking for something new and fresh for their next party. A great idea throughout the holidays and especially a great New Year’s Eve idea, is to put on a casino event. You can theme it in different ways, such as “Vegas” themed casino night, a “James Bond- Casino Royal” theme or just keep it simple and theme it as “casino…

Choosing Live or Recorded Wedding Music

Choosing live or recorded music for your wedding

Music Selection for wedding ceremonies is a pretty big deal, more than anyone ever realizes. Music sets the tone for that special day and reflects a little of your personality or be something that is special to you, or at the least, music that you actually like.

A couple can spend a lot of time wading through the virtual soundtrack of their…

Holiday Christmas Planning

holiday Christmas planning


We Need A Little Holiday Christmas Planning and as the song to put you in that mode is “We Need A Little Christmas”

We Need A Little Christmas

Right this very minute,

Need a little Music,

Need a little laughter,

Need  a little singing

Ringing through the rafter,

 And we need a little snappy,

Yes, we need a little Christmas NOW!


If you ar…

Dixieland Jazz Band

The Roaring Twenties are making a comeback in everything from Dixieland Jazz, to flapper fashion and Art Deco design all rolled into great event planning.

If you’re considering planning a party, take your next event back in time. Like the pages out of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s famous book “The Great Gatsby.” Dress to the nines, roll out the red carpet, and pour the bubbly. Throw a lavis…

Live Music for Corporate Events

Corporate Event Music

Utah Live Bands can put the electrodes on your next corporate party and bring electric energy to liven up the mundane, ordinary office party. A company party is quite often the highlight of the social year for any business. As the holiday office party planning starts to rev up, one thing you’ll want to get right is the entertainment.

Ideas your employees will go wild over:

Rent a Dinosaur in Utah

Rent a Dinosaur for Events

Ever since we saw those really realistic dinosaur costumes roaming around the Salt Lake Comic Con back in 2013, we just knew we had to have one. So when Dino Media started selling off it’s assets, we had to jump on it. Now we are able to provide our corporate clients, birthday parties, and city events the opportunity to rent their very own dinosaur for an evening! Ever seen Walking wit…

Creating a Band for Your Event

We have a number of great bands in a variety of genres and styles however, if you aren’t finding EXACTLY what you want we will create it for you!  With your help, we can pool our entertainers and produce a group that fits your theme perfectly.  If you want to hire a jazz band that will blow your guests away we can add some Blues Brothers impersonators to the mix.  Maybe you want to throw…

Unique Corporate or Company Event Ideas


To avoid throwing a corporate/company party that’s just white noise, here are some ideas that will help make your event unique and memorable…



Bands: There are many options when it comes to bands, you can have anything from a variety band (playing popular music from many genres) to a specialty band that provides specific music styles like Latin, Jazz…

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